TRNN Webathon

Wiebe and Binney on Why They Blew the Whistle on the NSA – TRNN Webathon Panel

June 9, 2014

Observing corruption, waste and fraud drove NSA whistleblowers Kirk Wiebe and Bill Binney to reveal government wrongdoing

What’s Behind the Decline of Organized Labor in Baltimore? – TRNN Webathon Panel

June 8, 2014

Labor historian Bill Barry, TRNN host Jaisal Noor, and labor activist Frank Hammer discuss the Hopkins hospital workers’ strike as well as the organizational and political problems that unions face today

Binney, Wiebe and Ratner on the NSA – TRNN Webathon Panel

June 4, 2014

CCR President Emeritus Michael Ratner and NSA whistleblowers J. Kirk Wiebe and Bill Binney examine the relationship between the NSA and U.S. global dominance, the stance of Democrats and Republicans towards surveillance, and mainstream media coverage of these issues

Imagining Rational Public Safety Policy For Baltimore – TRNN Webathon Panel

June 4, 2014

Radio host Marc Steiner, poet Duke the Rude, and rapper Phil Ade discuss current public safety policy in Baltimore city and what needs to be done to make the city safer

Debating the New EPA Rules for Carbon Emissions from Coal – TRNN Webathon Panel

June 3, 2014

Jeff Biggers, Daphnye Wysham, and Subhankar Banerjee discuss the details and limits of the new EPA rules for carbon emissions by coal-fired power plants

U.S. Policy In Africa Is About Advancing Its Own Strategic Interests – TRNN Webathon Panel

June 3, 2014

Glen Ford and Kambale Musavuli discuss the history of U.S. involvement in Congo and it ongoing imperialist policy throughout Africa

Will Curfew Laws Make Baltimore City Safer? – TRNN Webathon Panel

June 3, 2014

Dayvon Love, Nick Mosby, Brandon Scott, and Kimberly Ellis discuss the youth curfew law in Baltimore and whether it will lead to an improvement in public safety