The Nina Turner Show

The Nina Turner Show: Building Collective Power with Nelini Stamp

September 22, 2017

Working Families Party’s Nelini Stamp talks to Nina Turner about becoming politicized by Obama’s campaign and Occupy Wall Street, the need to build a caring society, and reclaiming elections under a Trump presidency

The Nina Turner Show: On Solidarity with Linda Sarsour and Winnie Wong

September 8, 2017

Linda Sarsour and Winnie Wong say that to fight the Trump administration, Democrats need to be accountable to the organized Left – not the other way around

The Nina Turner Show: Beyond the Bern with Winnie Wong

August 25, 2017

Winnie Wong, co-founder of People for Bernie, calls for a fearless movement that transcends any one person’s leadership

The Nina Turner Show: Towards a Party of the People with Dr. Jane Sanders

August 18, 2017

Dr. Jane Sanders talks about her political life from childhood to creating the Sanders Institute, and calls for the Democratic Party to become the party of the people

The Nina Turner Show: Hygiene as a Human Right with Dr. Javad Aghaloo

August 15, 2017

At the 2017 People’s Summit, rural dentist Javad Aghaloo speaks about the need to include dental hygiene in calls for Medicare for All

The Nina Turner Show: Call In Culture with Linda Sarsour

August 10, 2017

Activist Linda Sarsour shares the story of the Women’s March from the inside and explains the difference between “calling people out” vs “calling people in”

The Nina Turner Show: Believing It’s Possible with Danny Glover

August 4, 2017

Danny Glover tells Nina Turner how he became an actor and activist, and calls for a global movement that raises expectations of itself and of the world

The Nina Turner Show: Telling the People’s Story with Filmmaker Josh Fox

July 28, 2017

At the 2017 People’s Summit, Josh Fox explains why he “left his house” to be a “foot soldier” on the Sanders campaign trail and at Standing Rock

The Nina Turner Show: The Third Party Debate with Nick Brana

July 21, 2017

At the People’s Summit 2017, Nina Turner and Nick Brana of Draft Bernie for a People’s Party debate whether or not the Democratic Party can be used to facilitate real, progressive change

The Nina Turner Show: The Urban-Rural Divide with Portia Boulger

July 13, 2017

At the 2017 People’s Summit, Portia Boulger discusses the upcoming Ohio conference Mobilize88, and argues that progressives can’t write off Trump voters

Nina Turner on Her New Role As President of Our Revolution

June 30, 2017

Nina Turner and Paul Jay discuss the fight against corporate democrats from the struggle for single payer in California to electing progressives countrywide, and take viewer questions live on air

The Nina Turner Show: No Is Not Enough with Naomi Klein

June 29, 2017

At the 2017 People’s Summit, Naomi Klein explains why fighting Trump requires political imagination

The Nina Turner Show: Appalachians Rising

June 22, 2017

At the 2017 People’s Summit, Nina Turner talks to organizers from West Virginia and Ohio about the challenges of living and affecting change in rural America

Premiere of the Nina Turner Show with Bernie Sanders

June 11, 2017

Bernie Sanders and Nina Turner discuss the building of a movement to fight the oligarchy and the achievements of the People’s Summit

Bernie Sanders on The Nina Turner Show, Premiering Today at 3pm ET

June 10, 2017

Live today at 3pm ET, check out the premiere episode of the Nina Turner Show, featuring an exclusive interview with Bernie Sanders