Syrian Kurdistan

Rojava: An Experiment in Radical Direct Democracy Within a War-Torn Country

December 5, 2016

Janet Biehl discusses the significance and the achievements of the political project in Northern Syria that’s led by the Kurds

Repression in Turkey: Why International Solidarity with the Kurds Is Crucial (2/2)

March 21, 2016

Political expert Bilhan Tuncel describes the conditions of Turkish Kurdistan under President Erdogan, and calls for international solidarity with the Kurds – E&B News with Kevin Boylan

The Modern Paris Commune: A Model for Social Revolution from Syrian Kurdistan (1/2)

March 13, 2016

Political expert Bilhan Tuncel urges international solidarity with Kurds, and says the bottom-up governing system in Rojava, or Western Kurdistan, is an important example of empowering a diverse population – E&B News with Kevin Boylan