Rwanda and The Democratic Republic of the Congo

Is Stability Possible in the Congo in 2014?

December 18, 2013

Maurice Carney: Major strides for peace in the Congo have emerged and will continue if the United States pressures neighboring countries like Uganda and Rwanda from intentionally destabilizing the central African country

The Defeat of the Rwandan-backed M23 Rebels is a First Step To Peace in the DRC

November 5, 2013

Maurice Carney: Activists and independent media played a key role in pushing the US to demand Rwanda stop supporting the M23 rebels

Another Problem from Hell? Adelson and Wiesel laud Rwanda’s Kagame

October 7, 2013

Billionaire right-wing donor Sheldon Adelson and Elie Wiesel celebrate Rwandan strongman at TV rabbi’s genocide panel A recent event on genocide at Cooper Union failed to address the war crimes committed by its guest of honor, according to a recent video report by Max Blumenthal and Jaisal Noor for The Real News Network. Paul Kagame, the president of Rwanda, appeared on stage with writer Elie Wiesel, casino mogul Sheldon Adelson, and Israeli rabbi Shmuley Boteach to discuss the relationship between Rwanda and Israel. “The world watched and did absolutely nothing as nearly 1 million Tutsis in Rwanda were slaughtered by Hutus in the fastest genocide in world history,” said Adelson. “It took a leader of military genius, named Paul Kagame, to finally decide that since the world would not come to the rescue of his people, he must put an end to the slaughter himself.” Rod Conrad, who protested Kagame’s presence at the event, said, “What is Elie Wiesel doing sitting on a podium with a person whose proxy militias are responsible for the deaths of 6 million people, half of them under the age of five? What is the meaning of speaking out against genocide and the Holocaust and crimes against humanity when people who say that are sitting next to the people committing those crimes? It just—it doesn't make sense.” “The issue of M23, the issue of eastern Congo is just a red herring,” said Kagame. Filip Reyntjens, a Belgian professor who has testified as an expert witness on Rwanda, has said that…