Russian Progressives Challenge Putin From Below

September 15, 2017

A grassroots coalition has made gains in Moscow’s municipal election, signaling opportunities for Russian progressives at the local level, says Russian-American independent journalist Alyona Minkovski

US Voters Aren’t Buying the Russiagate Fixation

June 29, 2017

Award-winning author, journalist Max Blumenthal and The Real News’ Aaron Mate discuss the ongoing media frenzy over Trump and Russia, as polls showing Americans are tiring of Russiagate and U.S.-Russia tensions remain high

Debate: Is Putin a Threat to Democracy?

June 29, 2017

Atlantic Magazine contributing editor Jeffrey Tayler and former White House Clinton counselor Bill Curry debate the proposition that demonizing Putin is justified

Is Putin the Enemy or a Distraction?

June 5, 2017

Former Clinton White House Counsellor Bill Curry and TRNN Senior Editor Paul Jay discuss and debate the strategy of the Democratic Party to focus on the Trump-Russia connection; Curry says Putin’s Russia is a fascist state; Jay says the U.S. has committed far greater crimes

Is Russia the ‘Adversary’ of the United States?

May 19, 2017

Moscow based journalist Jeffrey Tayler and Paul Jay challenge the underlying assumption of the furor in Washington, that Russia is the enemy of the American people

Terror Attack in St Petersburg May be Blowback for Russian Military Actions

April 4, 2017

Russia no longer has a southern buffer-zone, it is exposed to ISIS says Col. Larry Wilkerson

Growing Discontent with Corruption Brings Thousands of Russians to the Streets

March 28, 2017

The Atlantic’s Jeffrey Tayler says the opposition does not offer much of a political program beyond calling for removing Putin from power

Is Trump Dangerous for Russia?

March 22, 2017

The US and Russian right share a similar ideology, but it’s one that sees each other as an excuse for military expansion and harmful internal economic policy, says professor Aleksandr Buzgalin

Russia vs. USA: Who is the Threat, Who is the Aggressor? (1/2)

March 21, 2017

GOP and Democratic Party leaders and media pundits like Rachel Maddow are raising their anti-Russian rhetoric to cold-war levels. Jeffrey Tayler, contributing editor to The Atlantic, says they are ignoring the history of broken American promises, NATO expansion and attempts to develop American first strike nuclear capability.

How Russian and American Oligarchs Benefit from Mutual Demonization

January 8, 2017

The US has sent observers to watch Russian elections for decades now, so why not have Russia send observers to the US, asks Professor Aleksandr Buzgalin

Putin-Erdogan Meeting Leaves Major Policy Fronts Unresolved

August 12, 2016

Foreign correspondent John Helmer says Turkey’s post-coup relations with Russia have not led to significant changes in the relationship between the two nations

The Turkish Pivot Towards Russia

July 29, 2016

Political economist Aleksandr Buzgalin says that Turkey’s relative independence from NATO is of interest to the Russian elite

Why is the Capitalist West Fighting with Capitalist Russia?

July 14, 2016

Alexandr Buzgalin and Paul Jay discuss the antagonism between Russia and US despite the former adopting ‘Jurassic Park capitalism’ since the demise of the USSR

Wealth of the Russian Elite and Growing Poverty of its People (3/3)

April 15, 2016

Professor Aleksandr Buzgalin of Moscow State University says Russian elites are in many ways pro-American, but likely to see NATO and Washington as enemies – a contradiction that encourages the growth of Russian nationalism

Wealth of the Russian Elite and Growing Poverty of its People (2/3)

April 14, 2016

Professor Aleksandr Buzgalin of Moscow State University says 50 percent of the Russian population is living on $300 a month or less not only due to oil prices and sanctions, but large internal inefficiencies

Wealth of the Russian Elite and the Growing Poverty of its People (1/3)

April 13, 2016

Professor Aleksandr Buzgalin of Moscow State University says 1% of Russians own 70% of the nation’s wealth, while 20 million are living in official poverty

Obama Versus Putin at the U.N.

September 28, 2015

TRNN Top Stories of 2015: Paul Jay and Vijay Prashad discuss President Obama and President Putin’s UN address on their strategies for fighting the Islamic State.

Behind the Murder of Boris Nemtsov in Moscow (2/2)

March 15, 2015

Aleksandr Buzgalin, professor of political economy at Moscow State University, says Jurassic Capitalism is behind the economic woes in the Russian economy

The Murder of Boris Nemtsov in Moscow

March 12, 2015

Who killed Boris Nemtsov? He was neither a leader nor real opposition, according to Aleksandr Buzgalin, professor of political economy at Moscow State University

Market and State Regulation Failure at the Heart of Russian Recession

December 26, 2014

Sliding oil prices and sanctions are not the only cause of the recession, says Aleksandr Buzgalin, professor of political economy at Moscow State University.