Recent Coverage of Bernie Sanders

Democrats Reject Sanders Opposition to TPP

July 9, 2016

In a defeat for the Sanders movement, the Democratic Platform Committee votes 106-74 to reject opposition to the Trans-Pacific Partnership

Bob Scheer: Sanders’ Accomplishments Miraculous, But The Movement Is About More Than Sanders

June 9, 2016

Robert Scheer says that the Sanders movement must develop a strategy to go beyond the convention and focus on electing progressives to Congress and state legislatures and supporting the Green Party

Danny Glover: Will the Sanders Movement Develop as an Independent Force?

June 9, 2016

Actor-activist Danny Glover and Paul Jay discuss how Sanders will balance stopping Trump with differences of interest and principal with Clinton

Bernie Sanders and Danny Glover Exclusive on The Real News

April 23, 2016

In an exclusive interview with TRNN, Bernie Sanders says Clinton will have to defy the oligarchs if she is to earn active campaigners from his supporters