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Profiting from Police Militarization

The Companies Profiting from Police Militarization

October 28, 2013

Kimber Heinz: Urban Shield demonstrates the militarization of security forces worldwide. Police departments and military units met with weapons contractors last weekend at the seventh annual Urban Shield expo in Oakland, California. The event was sponsored by manufacturers like Lockhead Martin, Colt Weapons, and Safariland, who produce tear gas, arms and stun grenades. The expo will help police departments “violently squash [popular uprisings] with all kinds of new technology that they learn about in places like Urban Shield,” said Kimber Heinz of the War Resisters League. Local police forces throughout the U.S. have militarized since the '80s and the war on drugs. “There is a huge industry behind it,” said Heinz.  “There is a profitability behind this.”