"Occupy Movement" Around the Globe

Acute Economic Inequality Underlies “Occupy Central” Protests in Hong Kong

September 30, 2014

Assistant professor Eli Friedman from Cornell University says working-class and union participation has increased in subsequent occupations

Worldwide protests denounce economic injustice

October 17, 2011

EuroNews: New York was where the movement started, and yesterday demonstrators occupied Times Square instead of Wall Street as the protest against corporate greed and economic injustice went globa

Germany takes part in global economic protests

October 16, 2011

EuroNews: More global support mobilizes for Spain’s Indignado movement and Occupy Wall Street in the United States – Germany showed its anger about economic injustice

OCCUPY LONDON: Protesters stand against corporate greed

October 15, 2011

ITN: Inspired by New York’s ‘Occupy Wall Street’ movement, protesters, including Julian Assange, gathered in London