Nina Turner Report

Nina Turner: Trump’s Election Commission is for Voter Intimidation

July 10, 2017

Our Revolution President Nina Turner says the U.S. should focus on expanding the vote, not suppressing it

Nina Turner to Bill Maher: It’s Never Okay To Use The N-Word

June 8, 2017

In conversation with Eddie Conway, Nina Turner, former Ohio State Senator and host of the upcoming TRNN program The Nina Turner Show, says that house slaves sometimes endured worse conditions than field slaves.

Nina Turner on Firing of Cleveland Cop Who Killed Tamir Rice

May 31, 2017

The police officer was fired for lying on an employment application, not for shooting a 12 year old boy; Senator Nina Turner says nothing Tamir did was illegal but cops are shooting first and asking questions later – what’s needed is weeding out a culture of racism and impunity in police departments and it must start at the top

Nina Turner on Bitter Fight in California Democratic Party

May 24, 2017

Nina Turner says Kimberly Ellis’s loss to a Clinton democrat for chair of the state party by only 62 votes shows strength of the Sanders movement, but makes clear corporate Democrats won’t give progressives an inch for the sake of “unity”

No Desk Duty This Time: Cop Quickly Charged in Murder of Unarmed Teen

May 14, 2017

Nina Turner: After lying about what happened, Roy Oliver was fired then booked on murder charges in connection to the shooting death of 15 year old Jordan Edwards in Texas

Can Dems Learn From Their 2016 Mistakes If They Do Not Acknowledge Them?

May 13, 2017

Russia, Comey, Wikileaks – Nina Turner explains how democrats could have overcome these challenges, had they actually listened to their base

Nina Turner on Sanders’ Support for Heath Mello for Mayor of Omaha

May 5, 2017

Ahead of the May 9th election, Nina Turner and Kim Brown discuss why Bernie Sanders is backing a “pro-life” Democrat for mayor of Omaha, Nebraska

Why Do Politicians Ignore Environmental Issues?

April 27, 2017

Nina Turner, the former Ohio State Senator, argues that environmental issues don’t reach politicians’ radar because they disproportionately affect poor communities and because big donors don’t want them to

Nina Turner on Jeff Sessions’ Reefer Madness

April 20, 2017

Nina Turner and Paul Jay discuss the renewed war on drugs, including marijuana, planned by Trump’s Attorney General and Head of Homeland Security

Sanders, Turner and Glover Joined by Thousands for #MarchOnMississippi

March 4, 2017

Bernie Sanders, Nina Turner, Danny Glover, Cornell Brooks and Chokwe Antar Lumumba say there isn’t a more important struggle than that of the Nissan workers, who have been engaged in a years-long campaign to join a union

Major Israel Donor Smears and Obama Lobbying Led to Ellison’s Defeat for DNC Chair

March 2, 2017

Nina Turner tells Paul Jay that anti-Muslim attacks led by some big donors to the DNC, along with active lobbying by Obama, defeated the progressive wing’s candidate for the chair of the DNC

Nina Turner: DNC Chooses Not to Be the Party of Everyday People

February 28, 2017

Former Ohio State Senator Turner tells Paul Jay that in defeating Keith Ellison as DNC Chair, the leadership has chosen to maintain the dominance of big donors and reject the progressive wing of the party

Nina Turner on the Women’s March on Washington

January 24, 2017

The former Ohio state senator and Sanders delegate says her biggest concern is how to sustain the synergy from the grassroots