Bacon: NAFTA Hurt Workers on Both Sides of the Border

January 2, 2014

On the 20th anniversary of NAFTA, immigration and labor activist David Bacon says that the trade agreement created Mexican billionaires, kept Mexican workers’ wages flat, destroyed US jobs – and revealed the need for worker solidarity across borders

Zapatista’s Warning Over NAFTA Rings True 2 Decades Later

January 2, 2014

Zapatistas correctly predicted that neoliberal economic policies like NAFTA would exacerbate poverty and undermine democracy

20 Years on, Mexico is NAFTA’s Biggest Lie

January 2, 2014

Tim Wise: The numbers expose the official distortions around NAFTA’s failed promises

By Pushing the TPP, Obama is Repeating the Mistakes of NAFTA

January 2, 2014

David Bacon: Obama’s push for the Trans-Pacific Partnership(TPP) demonstrates his 2008 campaign pledge to oppose NAFTA-style free trade agreements was just lip service

NAFTA + US Farm Subsidies Devastates Mexican Agriculture

December 20, 2010

Why Do Mexican Workers Head North Pt.2 – Tim Wise: US corn exported to Mexico at 19% below cost of production, based on his study. Click here to read Agricultural Dumping Under NAFTA

Why Do Mexican Workers Head North?

November 26, 2010

Timothy Wise: Mexican agriculture was undermined by NAFTA and companies like Smithfield