Max Blumenthal

From Libya to Manchester, Western Intervention Endangers Civilians

May 30, 2017

Max Blumenthal, Senior Editor for Alternet’s Grayzone Project, says the Manchester bombing’s ties to NATO intervention in Libya exemplify how Western policies overseas can help lead to attacks at home

Max Blumenthal on Je Ne Suis Pas Charlie

July 23, 2015

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Zionist Union Leader Herzog Willing to Form Coalition with Netanyahu’s Likud

March 17, 2015

Max Blumenthal says the election of Herzog, who represents the Ashkenazi elite, would be a dangerous prospect for Palestinians

American Sniper: Honoring a Fallen Hero or Whitewashing a Murderous Occupation?

January 26, 2015

TRNN Top Stories 2015: Journalist Max Blumenthal says the film American Sniper promotes lies falsehoods about Navy SEAL Chris Kyle along with the US invasion and occupation of Iraq