Maurice Carney on the Democratic Republic of Congo

Heads of UN and World Bank Visit Congo – Fail to Hold Rwanda and Uganda Accountable

May 20, 2013

World Bank head Jim Yong Kim and UN Sec. Gen. Ban Ki-moon visit Congo on May 25th, supporting a framework for peace agreement that was engineered by Uganda and Rwanda, Western allies that are accused of backing rebel armies committing war crimes in Congo

UN Sanctioned Congo “Intervention Brigades” Complement US Africa Strategy

April 24, 2013

Maurice Carney: 3,000 member force intervention will further militarize Congo; US has power to sanction rebel-backers Rwanda and Uganda, but will not because they are allies in American AFRICOM strategy

US Protects Rwandan and Ugandan Interference in Congo

January 31, 2013

Maurice Carney: US policy is seeking “stability” by militarizing Africa

US Covers Up Rwanda Supported Mutiny in Congo

June 27, 2012

Maurice Carney: American ally Rwanda supports rebel troops in Congo

AFRICOM Expands Mission In Africa

May 22, 2012

Maurice Carney: A U.S.-based unit has been selected as the Army’s first “regionally aligned” brigade, and by next year its soldiers could begin conducting operations in Africa.