Mass Incarceration, Solitary Confinement and Prisoners Rights

Incarcerated Women in LA County Jails Face Threat of Valley Fever Illness

November 24, 2016

Diana Zuniga of Californians United for a Responsible Budget says her coalition is pressing officials to address public safety by providing communities with necessary social services

National Prison Strike Enters Third Week

October 2, 2016

Many prisoners are on hunger strikes and there are signs of discontent among officers with the prison administrations, says Pastor Kenneth Glasgow

Feds Say Locking Up the Indigent Because They Can’t Pay Bail is Unconstitutional

August 23, 2016

University of Maryland Law Professor Doug Colbert says the long overdue move by the Department of Justice could help overturn punitive pretrial detention measures nationwide

Activists Call on Obama to Pardon U.S. Political Prisoners

August 21, 2016

On the eve of the DNC, activists from across the country gathered in Philadelphia urging president Obama to pardon U.S. political prisoners incarcerated in federal jails

Exonerees in the Era of Mass Incarceration (2/2)

July 18, 2016

In Part 2, Eddie Conway and Allison Flowers continue their discussion of exonerees and the plights they face in the U.S. criminal justice system.

Rattling the Bars: Restorative Justice

July 11, 2016

In this special episode of Rattling the Bars, Eddie Conway visits social entrepreneur and former prisoner Chris Wilson in his furniture restoration shop to speak about the need for support amongst formerly incarcerated individuals, and about his support for presidential candidate Bernie Sanders

Exonerees in the Era of Mass Incarceration (1/2)

July 11, 2016

In Part 1, TRNN executive producer Eddie Conway and Alison Flowers, author of Exoneree Diaries: The Fight for Innocence, Independence, and Identity, discuss the ramifications of exoneration in a country that already imprisons more of its people than any country in world.

Facing Reality: Political Prisoner News and Updates

April 1, 2016

JIhad Abdulmumit was back for a Facing Reality update on political prisoners Mondo we Langa, Ruchell Magee, Jalil Muntaqim, Herman Bell, Dr. Mutulu Shakur and Sundiata Acoli

Happy Endings and Innocence: Media Myths of Mass Incarceration

March 31, 2016

Author, activist and former political prisoner James Kilgore joined us to discuss his argument that pop culture works to poorly frame the crisis of mass incarceration as one about “innocence” as opposed to one of civil/human rights

Solitary Confinement is “Torture:” The Forthcoming Seminal Trial of Political Prisoner Russell ‘Maroon’ Shoatz

March 12, 2016

Shoatz attorney and Legal Director of the Abolitionist Law Center Bret Grote discussed this forthcoming trial about the issue of solitary confinement.

How Organizing and Social Movements Drove Changes to Federal Policy on Solitary Confinement

January 27, 2016

Alan Mills of Uptown People’s Law Center and Bernadette Rabuy of Prison Policy Initiative say lawsuits, psychological studies, and persistent grassroots pressure were behind Obama’s recent policy changes

Health Crises Among the (Politically) Imprisoned

January 24, 2016

Co-Coordinator of the National Jericho Movement Jihad Abudulmummit rejoins us for this week’s Political Prisoner Report to discuss the latest health crises facing the imprisoned.

Report: The Population of Women in Prison Has Tripled Since the ’90s

November 23, 2015

A recently published report by the Prison Policy Initiative brings to light staggering statistics about incarcerated women.

“Little Guantanamos” in the United States

October 20, 2015

Investigative journalist and TED senior fellow Will Potter discusses the secret prisons that the ACLU says are violating inmates’ rights

Police Tactics of Mass Arrests, Violence and Overcharging Protesters First Developed in 2000

October 15, 2015

Kris Hermes tells Paul Jay that police suppression of protests at the Republican National Convention set the pattern for breaking up legal protests across North America

Proposed Sentencing Reforms Would Keep Drug War Policies Intact

October 1, 2015

Retired 32-year veteran Federal Marshall Matthew Fogg says the Sentencing Reform and Corrections Act is a positive step but fails to address racist law enforcement or drug war policy

A Critical Look at VICE’s Story on Mass Imprisonment with Obama and Holder

September 30, 2015

Glen Ford of Black Agenda Report says the story by the news magazine Vice on mass incarceration features massive hypocrisies in the policy decisions of Obama and Holder

"Hell No" – Your Right to Dissent

July 27, 2011

Michael Ratner: There is a North America-wide strategy to take away the right to mass protest