John Weeks on Economics and Austerity

Under Thatcher, the Poor Became Poorer

April 8, 2013

John Weeks: Thatcher and Reagan set out to crush the union movement and assert the power of capital

Romney and the European Authoritarian Right

August 30, 2012

John Weeks: European right-wing governments prefer Obama for pragmatic reasons, but are closer to Romney in ideology

Fareed Zakaria’s Neo-Liberal Defense of Germany Pt1

May 22, 2012

John Weeks Pt1: Zakaria’s (of CNN and Time Magazine) analysis of the Greek crisis is nonsense that misses the entire context of the problem

Italian PM – Austerity Not Leading to Growth

May 22, 2012

Pt.2 Fareed Zakaria’s defence of neo-liberalism runs into trouble when Italian PM says "fiscal discipline" destroying domestic demand

Argentinian Central Bank Targets Growth, Not Lower Inflation

May 22, 2012

John Weeks: The Central Bank of Argentina breaks ranks with neo-liberal banking policy and targets jobs over lower inflation