Israel and US Strategic Interests

Obama Makes Nice Speeches but One Sided Support for Israel Continues

March 25, 2013

Phyllis Bennis: President Obama recognizes injustice and need for two states but does nothing to pressure Netanyahu to make concessions to Palestinians

Israel Expands Settlements, Obama Expands Drones

December 4, 2012

Vijay Prashad: In response to UN vote on Palestine, Israel withholds tax revenue from PA and announces new settlement construction; drones become a weapon of “police action” in war on terror

The Hypocrisy of US Defense of Israel’s Gaza War

December 2, 2012

Vijay Prashad: Obama says any country would defend itself against rockets as his drones drop bombs in many countries

US Money and Policy Makes Israeli Attack on Gaza Possible

November 21, 2012

Phylis Bennis: President Obama’s unconditional support for Israeli campaign emboldens PM Netanyahu

Israel and US Strategic Interests

May 28, 2011

Lawrence Wilkerson: Egypt, Bahrain, Qatar and Saudi Arabia are far more important than Israel to US strategic interests from view of US military

Wilkerson on Congressional Reaction to Netanyahu

May 27, 2011

Lawrence Wilkerson: Congress rallied around a foreign leader in opposition to the policy of their president