Hassan Ghani Reporting for The Real News

Young Scots trapped in low paying jobs with poor prospects

October 1, 2013

A generation of educated young Scots is becoming trapped in a life of low- paid, unstable jobs that will damage both their prospects and wider society, a leading Scottish think tank reveals.

Pakistan’s Energy Crisis: “They’ve pushed us back into the stone ages”

July 2, 2013

A severe and worsening shortage of electricity and gas has been crippling the economy and destroying livelihoods for years, but what will it take to get the lights back on?

‘The Americans have been Dishonest Negotiators’ says Afghan Militants’ Representative

June 16, 2013

The Political Chief of Hizb-e-Islami, one of the three main factions fighting Nato in Afghanistan, tells the Real News that his group has withdrawn from peace talks. But Dr Ghairat Baheer also warns that Afghan stakeholders must reach consensus before the US withdraws to avoid another civil war, and says the Taliban have softened their approach. Ghairat Baheer is a citizen of Afghanistan who was held by American forces in extrajudicial detention for over six years. The BBC News reported Pakistani officials took him into custody during a pre-dawn raid on his home in Islamabad on October 30, 2002. The BBC said no reason was offered for his apprehension, and that there were rumors US security officials participated in the raid. After his release in May 2008 Baheer asserted he had spent six months in the salt pit, one of the Central Intelligence Agency’s network of clandestine interrogation centers. He spent the rest of his detention in the Bagram Theater Internment Facility in Afghanistan. According to the Associated Press Baheer is a medical doctor, a son-in-law of Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, the leader of the Hezbi Islami Gulbuddin militant group, and that he was captured with Gul Rahman, the only captive the CIA has acknowledged died in captivity. In 2010 Baheer was a member of the Hezbi Islami Gulbuddin peace delegation to peace talks. In an interview with the German news agency DPA Bahir said he spent most of his six years in captivity in chains, bombarded with disorienting music so loud his guards wore hearing protection.…

Pakistan’s New PM Sharif Urges Talks with Taliban

May 22, 2013

With Pakistan in crisis, its new leader has promised much, if he does not deliver soon he will be looking into the political abyss

Pakistan’s Elections More Unpredictable than Ever

May 10, 2013

With a rebellious youth vote, the media watching every move, and a new radical player to the game, Pakistan’s elections come at a critical moment, with instability, political violence and an energy crisis tearing the country apart

Musharraf’s Forgotten Dark Legacy: Pakistan’s ‘Disappeared’

May 6, 2013

The arrest of General Pervez Musharraf in Pakistan provides new hope to the families of hundreds of Pakistanis who’ve gone missing since the ‘War on Terror’ came to Pakistan

The fatal choice between food or heating in Modern Britain

March 5, 2013

Senior Citizens and Disabled people say they’re being abandoned by society. Thousands are left to die in cold homes every year in the UK, while energy companies threaten to raise cost of heating further

Britain’s Anti-War Movement looks back on over a Decade of War

February 11, 2013

Ten years after the largest protest in British history in February 2003, activists examine Britain’s legacy in Iraq and the era of continuous warfare

The End of Squatting in the UK?

February 8, 2013

Calls from within government to fully criminalise squatting gather momentum. It could have serious implications for political occupations, and will it backfire on the government’s plans to reduce its welfare budget?

Supervisor of Intelligence Estimate Hailed for Preventing War with Iran

January 29, 2013

Professor Thomas Fingar wins the Sam Adams award for integrity in intelligence, while others warn of an unprecedented crackdown on intelligence agency whistleblowers

Protestors and Former Detainees Mark Guantanamo Anniversary in London

January 14, 2013

Human Rights Groups emphasise that rule of law and due process have been further eroded under Obama

The UK’s Student Movement at a Crossroads

November 25, 2012

What was supposed to be the biggest UK student march of 2012 ends as a chaotic washout, leaving the future uncertain for Britain’s student movement

London Protests in Solidarity with Gaza

November 18, 2012

Protestors are furious with both Israel and their own government, as the UK’s foreign office supports Israeli action

Turkey puts Israeli Generals on Trial for Mavi Marmara Attack

November 12, 2012

Israel describes the Turkish trial as a kangaroo court, but Turkish lawyers pushing ahead and say an Interpol notice for the arrest of the former Israeli commanders will be issued if they fail to attend

Britain’s Unions Bring London to a Standstill

October 21, 2012

100 thousand workers march on the capital as unions warn austerity isn’t working and threaten a general strike for the first time since 1926

US Justice for British Citizens?

October 18, 2012

Families of British men extradited to US feel betrayed by their government and judicial system

UK’s Poorest Families hit Hardest by Recession and Austerity

September 26, 2012

A leading British charity warns that 3.5 million children in the United Kingdom are growing up below the poverty line, while the divide between rich and poor continues to accelerate faster than anywhere else in the developed world.