Garcia-Emanuel Runoff in Chicago

Garcia-Emanuel Runoff in Chicago: Why Vote for Chuy?

April 7, 2015

David Hatch, executive director of Reclaim Chicago, explains the divided city of Chicago and what reclaiming the Chicago City Council on behalf of regular citizens will really mean

Emanuel Wins in Chicago, Garcia Fails to Ignite Black Vote

April 7, 2015

Bruce Dixon says once fiery black teachers union leader Karen Lewis pulled out for medical reasons, Garcia would not critique the Democratic Party and President Obama’s neoliberal education policies as Lewis was willing to do

Chicago Organized Labor Divided over Tuesday’s Mayoral Election

April 6, 2015

Author and journalist Kari Lydersen discusses why some Chicago organized labor is backing incumbent mayor Rahm Emmanuel despite his anti-union reputation

Garcia-Emanuel Runoff in Chicago Divides Unions, Blacks, and Latinos

April 6, 2015

Glen Ford of Black Agenda Report says in spite of the 15% undecideds, with the support of some blacks, Latinos and labor, as well as Obama, it will be difficult to unseat Emanuel

Chicago Mayor Emmanuel Forced Into Historic Runoff

February 26, 2015

Author and journalist Kari Lydersen explains what’s behind Rahm being forced into a runoff even though he outspent his opponents by a wide margin