Fossil Fuel

Industry-Funded Regulatory Agency Set to Vote on Approving Gas Pipeline and Terminal in Earthquake Zone

February 3, 2017

Policy advisor Ted Gleichman says the billions spent on the Pacific Connector Gas Pipeline and Jordan Cove Energy Project in Oregon should be used for creating jobs in renewables instead of a project that will worsen climate-related disasters

With Most of Dakota Access Pipeline Approved, Final Battle Remains Over Critical Portion

September 21, 2016

Concerns from NoDAPL protesters are seemingly justified with each pipeline safety failure, says DeSmogBlog’s Steve Horn

Can Renewables Contain Extreme Weather Conditions?

September 15, 2016

Transition away from fossil fuels is economically and technologically feasible today through the mass implementation of 100% renewable grids, argues Renewables 100 Policy Institute founder Angelina Galiteva

Neoliberalizing Nature and Privatizing the Air

January 7, 2013

Patrick Bond: In 2013 bankers will increase their efforts to make money out of the climate crisis and put a dollar value on everything

Finance Rules at Doha UN Climate Summit

December 7, 2012

Janet Redman: UN conference reflects lack of urgency from developed countries and focus on private finance

20,000 People a Year Die From Effects of Fossil Fuel Generation

December 5, 2012

James Boyce: Burning fossil fuels not only climate threat but pollutants from process killing people

True Cost of Chevron in Ecuador

July 6, 2012

Robinson Yumbo, President of the National Indigenous Federation of the Cofan People on the multi-billion dollar woes of Chevron in Ecuador

True Cost of Chevron in Angola

July 5, 2012

Sizaltina Cutaia, Program Manager at Open Society Institute in Angola on the impact of Chevron

True Cost of Chevron in Nigeria

July 4, 2012

Emem Okon on the uprising of women in the Niger Delta and the impact of oil giants on traditional communities

"True Cost of Chevron" Protest at Shareholders Meeting

July 3, 2012

Antonia Juhasz: Chevron CEO fails to disclose significance of massive lawsuits in Brazil, Nigeria and Ecuador to shareholders

Dirty Tricks in Chevron Ecuador Lawsuit

December 24, 2010

World’s Largest Environmental Lawsuit in Ecuador Pt.2

World’s Largest Environmental Lawsuit in Ecuador

December 22, 2010

30,000 natives fight for compensation against Texaco (now Chevron), accused of 3 decades of toxic dumping in Amazon