Far-Right Enters Germany’s Parliament for First Time in 60 Years

September 25, 2017

The Alternative for Germany party, which has moved so far right that it includes neo-Nazis, now has a seat at the table. Meanwhile, both the Christian Democrats and the social democrats lost big, explains TRNN’s Shir Hever

Germany’s Angela Merkel: The World’s Eco-Villain?

September 22, 2017

As Germany gets ready for parliamentary elections this Sunday, Chancellor Angela Merkel’s reputation as an environmentalist is being called in question by activist and author George Monbiot

Catalonia and Spain ‘Playing Chicken’ Ahead of Independence Vote

September 13, 2017

One million people took to the streets in Barcelona to support Catalonian independence from Spain. The movement plans for a referendum on Oct. 1, in violation of a court ruling declaring the referendum unconstitutional, explains Carlos Delclos of Roar Magazine

‘The Model Economy’ in Germany is Growing a Class of Working Poor

September 10, 2017

General election campaign is in full swing in Germany but little attention is being paid to the high proportion of working poor explains economist Heiner Flassbeck.

Big Business Dominates Brexit Negotiations

September 2, 2017

Brexit ministers in the UK had six corporate lobby meetings for every one meeting with civil society groups, says Nick Dearden of Global Justice Now

Warlords of the World Assemble at UK Arms Fair

August 31, 2017

Defence & Security Equipment International, one of the world’s biggest arms fairs, will showcase cutting-edge military equipment to some of the most brutal and repressive regimes in the world. TRNN speaks to CAAT’s Andrew Smith about the campaign to stop it

Germany Bans Arms Shipments to Turkey

July 25, 2017

The freeze sets an important precedent of linking arms exports to human rights, says TRNN’s Shir Hever

‘Welcome to Hell’: 100,000 Protesters Aim to ‘Kettle’ G20 Over Inequality, War and Climate Change

July 7, 2017

TRNN speaks to demonstrators and South African activist Patrick Bond, who say tens of thousands are taking to the streets to challenge corporate power at the G20 summit

Secretive Proceedings Over CETA Trade Deal Draw Public Ire

February 14, 2017

With the European parliament set to vote on CETA this week, Jean Blaylock of Global Justice Now says the deal has little to do with trade, but instead emphasizes deregulation, privatization and increased corporate control over the economy

Behind Romania’s Protests, A Struggle Between Unaccountable Judiciary and Corrupt Politicians

February 12, 2017

CriticAtac co-editor Florin Poenaru says Romania’s political crisis is likely to deepen after the protests begin to recede

European States Pushing for Unbridled Retention of Its Citizens’ Data

January 31, 2017

Mass surveillance policies often appease populist sentiment in the aftermath of a terrorist attack, but result in laws that are ambiguous and put citizens in danger, says former intelligence officer Asaf Lubin

Renzi’s Unpopularity in Italy and Revolt from Within his Own Party Drove the Referendum Defeat

December 13, 2016

Journalist Loretta Napoleoni says if the referendum won, it would’ve given total political control to whatever party comes to power

Austrian Presidential Election Shows How United Front Politics Can Defeat the Far Right

December 6, 2016

Walter Baier, former national chairman of the Communist Party of Austria, says the next challenge will be to maintain alliances against the far right in the upcoming parliamentary elections

Italian Referendum Defeat is No Victory for the Right Wing

December 5, 2016

Luciana Castellina says Italian trade unions, youth, and students led the vote against technocracy

How EU Policies Have Fueled Economic Stagnation

August 29, 2016

No nations in the European Union are experiencing a recovery, says economist Heiner Flassbeck

Strengthening Russo-Turkish Alliance Stokes US-Russian Cold War

July 31, 2016

John Helmer, Russian-based Anglo-American journalist says that Russia feels threatened by US, NATO, Turkey, and the turbulence at its borders

Italian Bank Failures Could Disintegrate the EU

July 31, 2016

Gerry Epstein and Dimitri Lascaris say that the banks are in such trouble that they need to be nationalized with their management removed

The European Revolt Against the Neoliberal EU (2/2)

July 26, 2016

Catarina Principe, co-editor of Europe in Revolt, discusses the struggle against austerity in Portugal

The European Revolt Against the Neoliberal EU (1/2)

July 25, 2016

Catarina Principe, co-editor of Europe in Revolt, says a left movement against austerity must pursue the restructuring of public debt, nationalization of key sectors, and public control of the banking system, but none of this can be done within the European Union