Chicago Teachers Strike

Chicago Teachers Union Set to Strike on Oct. 11th

September 29, 2016

Public school teacher Sarah Chambers and Jacobin Magazine’s Micah Uetricht say the teachers are fighting against the neoliberal reform agenda

Chicago Teachers Aim to Shut Down City With One-Day Strike

April 1, 2016

TRNN reports from the April 1st day of action in Chicago as the teachers union and 50 allied groups demand taxes on the wealthy to fund public services

As Strike Ends, Chicago Teachers and Activists To Fight School Closings

September 20, 2012

Activists with "Journey For Justice" demand national moratorium on school closings

Chicago Teachers Union Votes to End Historic Strike

September 19, 2012

Chicago Teachers say fight to defend public education ongoing

Chicago Teachers Strike Enters Second Week

September 17, 2012

Chicago Mayor Emanuel seeks court injunction to force teachers back to work

Chicago Teachers Strike Enters Fourth Day

September 13, 2012

Labor unions back striking teachers, while Democrats remain silent

Chicago Teachers Strike Rooted in Community Struggle

September 12, 2012

Chicago teachers fighting bipartisan consensus over "corporate" education reform

Tens of Thousands Rally to Support Striking Chicago Teachers

September 11, 2012

Historic Chicago teachers strike enters second day

Chicago Teachers Launch Strike for Better Pay, Benefits and Work Conditions

September 10, 2012

30,000 strong Chicago Teachers Union strike for first time in quarter century