Charlie Hebdo

Anonymous Hackers Declare Cyber War Against ISIS

February 11, 2015

Ola Bini of Thoughtworks explains the war strategy and its effectiveness

French Militarist History Cannot Be Delinked from Attacks in Paris

January 14, 2015

Professor Sabah Alnasseri from York University reminds us that French history and foreign policy includes massacring, criminalizing and dehumanizing Algerians fighting for independence

Paris Attacks: Rage of the Dispossessed

January 14, 2015

Chris Hedges says the mass self-exaltation of European leaders is dangerous because with it comes a blindness towards our own culpability

Did U.S. Foreign Policy Create Charlie Hebdo Gunmen?

January 11, 2015

University of Michigan History Professor Juan Cole discusses how the West allies with religious fundamentalism, creating the space for extremist to flourish

Did the Invasion of Iraq Radicalize Suspects in Paris Attack?

January 9, 2015

Professor Juan Cole discusses the background of the Charlie Hebdo shooting suspects who were killed on Friday

Charlie Hebdo, Islamophobia and the Freedom of Expression

January 8, 2015

Author Richard Seymour says the free speech argument is being used to obscure the reality of Islamophobia in Europe