Canadian election

Canadian elections and climate change

September 12, 2008

Environment and cutting green house gas emissions important issues for 4 of 5 major parties

Call for action on climate change

September 12, 2008

A new initiative to put climate change on the Canadian government’s front burner was launched in Toronto, Wednesday. PowerUp Canada has been in the works for months and is led by Canadians for Climate Leadership. The group is made up of leaders in academia, science, business and the environment. They intend to pressure the federal government, of any stripe, to do much more to deal with climate change. The key players are Nova Scotia businessman John Roy and Executive Director Tzeporah Berman. The campaign seems to have struck a chord with Canadians. On the first day, had so many hits that it crashed their Web site. Among those who support the initiative are four former prime ministers, Joe Clark, John Turner, Kim Campbell and Paul Martin. The theme of the launch was “Changed your light bulbs? Now let’s change the laws."

The Canadian election and the Afghan War

September 11, 2008

Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper called an early election earlier this week. Since becoming Prime Minister, Harper has extended Canada’s military mission in Afghanistan until 2011. Author and Journalist Murray Dobbin believes that Canada’s foreign policy is supporting American foreign interests.