Black History

James Early: We Need to Take on the Electoral College

February 24, 2017

Pleasant Hope Baptist Church in Baltimore City hosts a Black History Month presentation with public intellectual James Early and Communist Party USA leader Estevan Bassett-Nembhard

The Dolezal Controversy

June 15, 2015

In the wake of Rachel Dolezal’s NAACP resignation, members of the TRNN team discuss why the case has become such a national debate

Remembering Civil Rights Leader Parren Mitchell (2/2)

March 18, 2015

Lisa Mitchell continues a discussion about the legacy of her uncle Parren Mitchell speaking truth to power

Remembering Civil Rights Leader Parren Mitchell (1/2)

March 16, 2015

Lisa Mitchell discusses the legacy of her uncle Parren Mitchell, who was the first black congressperson from the south since reconstruction, an opponent of the Vietnam War, and a champion for black causes

Soul School and Black History (2/2)

March 4, 2015

In the second part of the conversation, TRNN’s Eddie Conway talks to Babatunji Baloqun of the Soul School Institute and history professor Baba Zak A. Kondo about black men’s failure to recognize women’s contributions to black organizing

Soul School and Black History (1/2)

March 3, 2015

TRNN’s Eddie Conway talks to Babatunji Baloqun of the Soul School Institute and history professor Baba Zak A. Kondo about the founding of Soul School and the history of Baltimore’s Black Movement

X: Malcolm’s Final Years

March 2, 2015

On Malcolm X’s 92nd birthday, TRNN revisits this documentary, which commemorated the 50th anniversary of his death. Interviews include Angela Davis and Danny Glover. (Executive Producer Paul Jay, co-production with Telesur and support from the Bertha Foundation)

The Life and Times of Emory Douglas, Minister of Culture in the Black Panther Party (1/3)

November 14, 2014

The first part of Marc Steiner’s discussion with former Black Panther Emory Douglas

48th Anniversary of the Founding of the Black Panther Party

October 17, 2014

Former Black Panther Eddie Conway describes the political and social conditions that gave rise to the militancy and politics of the Black Panther Party for Self-Defense

Direct Action Must Be Remembered As Part of Dr. King’s Legacy

January 16, 2014

Glen Ford: The Civil Rights Movement ended official racial discrimination in the U.S., but many of its leaders broke with grassroots organizing and direct action and instead chose to become business leaders or members of the Democratic party.

The Black Elite and the Legacy of Martin Luther King

January 21, 2013

Glen Ford: Black upper class took advantage of legal victories won by MLK and the Civil Rights Movement and then helped to undermine the movement

The Revolutionary MLK

January 16, 2012

The Revolutionary MLKJared Ball: In a startling interview, columnist and communications professor Jared Ball discusses how the image of Martin Luther King Jr. is distorted every year to foster compliance with the system King fought against.   Jan. 17 – TRNN “Every year we'll remind people of a version of King that didn't actually exist but that will help people settle into an acceptance of what's still going on,” said Assistant Professor of Communication Studies at Morgan State University, Jared Ball, in an interview with The Real News. “Annually it's distorted, re-imaged, and repackaged into something that the state can continue to use. It's taken away from the King that actually existed and turned into something that will support the policies that he was actually advocating against… We're asked to forget his criticisms of capitalism, of racism and militarism.” In a startling interview with Senior Editor Paul Jay, Ball describes how King’s commemorative day cultivates complacency. “It's also to give the impression that that movement was successful and it could be put into the dustbins of history… Happily we can look back on it and smile and have fond memories of the hard times that we've overcome and so on and so forth, and then, of course, forget that almost everything that Dr. King was trying to get us to get rid of was actually worsening–and to this day is in some aspects still worsening,” Ball told TRNN. “That line that came out, that ‘Rosa sat so King could walk so Obama could run so…