Behind Mexico's Bloodshed

Obama Visits Mexico – US Policy Helped Create a Land of Government Corruption and Narco Gangs

May 2, 2013

While the media concentrates on energy, trade talks and securing the border, the real issue is Mexico’s descent into a narco-state

Behind Mexico’s Bloodshed Pt. 2

September 3, 2010

In part two of our interview with investigative journalist Bruce Livesey, we discuss the violence in Ciudad Juarez. Livesey, recently returned from Mexico’s murder capital, says that the Mexican military is showing evidence that it is supporting the Sinaloa Cartel in it’s bid to take out the local Juarez Cartel for this key transportation corridor. Produced by Jesse Freeston.

Behind Mexico’s Bloodshed Pt.1

September 1, 2010

Flourishing drug demand in the U.S. and Canada has combined with the destruction of Mexico’s traditional economy to increase the power of the Mexican drug cartels. At the same time, the cartels are at war over the drug market in Mexico, with drastic results including the recent massacre of 72 undocumented migrants in Northern Mexico.