Following Nationwide Strikes, Bangladesh Garment Workers Win Minimum Wage Increase

October 21, 2013

Striking Bangladesh garment workers closed 20% of the country’s garment production to achieve victory.

The War on Wages and The Road to Bangladesh

May 1, 2013

Bill Black: In the name of competitiveness, the criminal conditions that led to the deaths and injuries of thousands of workers in Bangladesh, are being created around the world in a race to lower wages and working conditions

Hundreds Die in Bangladesh Factory Collapse As Retailers Reject Better Safety Standards

April 29, 2013

Western retailers refuse to fund independent safety inspections after 300 die in Bangladesh factory collapse and 5 months after 112 die in factory fire

Bangladesh’s rising floodwaters

October 17, 2009

Bangladesh could be one of the first casualties of global warming. The low-lying country suffers from many climate-related problems, including floods, drought and river erosion. Al Jazeera’s Nicolas Haque reports now from Bhola Island in the South of the country, which is now half the size it was fifteen years ago.