A collection of TRNN stories on Haiti, during and since the earthquake

Pressure on UN to Take Responsibility for Haiti’s Cholera Outbreak

July 26, 2012

Documentary film sends strong message linking UN troops as the cause of Cholera outbreak in Haiti

Is Haiti’s Reconstruction Path Paved in Gold?

July 12, 2012

Haiti’s Gold Discovery Attracts Major US & Canadian Mining Companies

US military enforces attacks on Haitian unions Pt3

May 1, 2010

Dominique: Haitian elite want to go back to cheap textile labour and destroying national food production

US military enforces attacks on Haitian unions Pt2

April 30, 2010

Didier Dominique: Deliberate US policy weakened Haitian farming to create pool of cheap textile labor

US military enforces attacks on Haitian unions

April 29, 2010

Didier Dominique: US military helping to repress organizing of textile worker’s unions in Haiti

Haitians will defend their sovereignty Pt.4

February 5, 2010

Ronald Charles: Three critical things that must be done to solve the problems of Haiti’s future

Haitians will defend their sovereignty

February 1, 2010

Ronald Charles: Providing aid like this is a way to humiliate us and many Haitians will not accept it

Haitians will defend their sovereignty Pt.2

February 1, 2010

Ronald Charles: After Haitian revolution, colonial oppression turned into oppression by its ruling elite

Haiti and the ‘Devil’s Curse’

January 21, 2010

Danny Glover, Peter Hallward, and Anthony Fenton contribute to breaking down the media avoidance of Haiti’s history of foreign intervention. According to Hallward, Haiti’s poverty can be explained as a series of foreign responses to the independence and strength of the Haitian people, but since the media doesn’t acknowledge this, they are forced to propose weakness and bad luck as the sources of Haiti’s poverty. Glover adds that without the history, we are prone to misunderstanding and the blaming of the victim, which in some cases serves to absolve us of our own responsibility for the situation. Fenton reminds that it’s not only the US that has taken part in undermining democracy in Haiti, in recent years Canada has played a very significant role, among others. Produced by Jesse Freeston.

Haiti: Guns or food?

January 17, 2010

As aid starts to trickle in, and the extent of the horror becomes known, decisions are already being made that will affect the Haiti that emerges from this. Ansel Herz reports live from Port-Au-Prince on the role that the deployed US troops are playing, while author Peter Hallward weighs in on the role that the US has played in Haiti’s recent history and shares his concerns that post-earthquake Haiti will further cement the domination of the Haitian people by foreigners.