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The Qatar Crisis

July 3, 2017

…rest of the Gulf. The sale of military equipment to the Gulf by the United States and European nations, particularly the United Kingdom and France, is closely linked to this…

Why Black Lives Don't Matter: A Radical Interpretation of U.S. History

Why Black Lives Don’t Matter: A Radical Interpretation of U.S. History

April 21, 2018

A discussion featuring Dr. Gerald Horne and Paul Coates

Why is the US Media and Foreign Policy Establishment Targeting Russia?

November 21, 2017

The antagonism towards Russia by U.S. media and foreign policy elites goes far beyond allegations of Russian interference in the U.S. elections

War is Big Business

October 17, 2012

…row that the United States has led in global arms deliveries. Russia ranked second in worldwide arms deliveries in 2011, making $8.7 billion in such deliveries. The United Kingdom ranked…

Sen. Bob Graham: 9/11

January 10, 2019
Senator Bob Graham, former Co-Chair of the Joint Congressional Committee investigating 9/11, says there is evidence in the “28 redacted pages” that the FBI knew of Saudi Ambassador Bandar’s links...

Freedom & Democracy Conference – Global Issues in Context

January 30, 2017
Interview with based in Munich, Germany...
Saudi diplomatic offensive seeks to put Khashoggi behind it and thwart Qatar

Saudi diplomatic offensive seeks to put Khashoggi behind it and thwart Qatar

November 28, 2018

…Mohammed and the kingdom’s ties to Western nations, even those like the United States that have opted for maintaining close ties in the face of mounting criticism in their national…

The Idiot’s Guide to Fighting Dictatorship in Syria While Opposing Military Intervention

June 25, 2012

…peace treaty, and deeper flirtations between Israel and various Arab countries, notably Qatar and Morocco. When Qaddafi paid off the United Kingdom and the United States for being bad boys…

Syria Between Imperialism and Repression – excellent piece

July 14, 2012

…with the United States. In the United States, they always talk about subtitles, about chapters in a book without taking the main title of the book. They talk about a…

Why Would Saudi Arabia Support the 9/11 Conspirators, Why Would the US Gov. Cover it Up? - Sen. Graham on Reality Asserts Itself pt3

Reality Asserts Itself – Bob Graham

January 8, 2019
Former Senator Bob Graham, co-chair of the 2002 Joint Congressional Inquiry into 9/11, believes that the Saudi government “had a high and what has thus far turned out to be...