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Noam Chomsky On COVID-19 And His New Book: Internationalism Or Extinction

Noam Chomsky analyzes the coronavirus pandemic in the context of neoliberal capitalism’s failures, climate change, potential nuclear disaster, and Donald Trump’s authoritarianism. Story Transcript This is a rush transcript and may contain errors. It will be updated. Marc Steiner: Welcome to The Real News. I’m Marc Steiner, great to have you all with this. We’re […]

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Noam Chomsky, Jeremy Scahill, and Others on Militarism and the Drone Program

AcTVism compiles analyses from interviews they conducted from 2015 to 2019 on militarism, the U.S. Air Base in Ramstein, Germany, and the global drone program. This compilation includes analyses from Jeremy Scahill, Abby Martin, Noam Chomsky,  Richard D. Wolff, Yanis Varoufakis, Joseph Gerson, as well activists Medea Benjamin and Jill Stein

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Noam Chomsky – German Weapons Exports to Israel & Saudi Arabia and the Refugee Crisis

Noam Chomsky, discusses the impacts of German arms and weapons exports into Saudi Arabia and Israel. He also talks about the refugee and Syrian crisis that is engulfing neighbouring states as well as the European continent Story Transcript NOTE: This transcript may not be 100% accurate. Noam Chomsky: German Weapons Exports, Israel, Saudi Arabia, ISIS […]

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Noam Chomsky Says GOP Is ‘Literally A Serious Danger To Human Survival’

By Matt Ferner. This article was first published on Huffington Post. The MIT professor and noted author said “strategic voting” can keep Republican candidates away from the levers of power. ULLSTEIN BILD VIA GETTY IMAGES Noam Chomsky, the noted radical and MIT professor emeritus, said the Republican Party has become so extreme in its rhetoric […]

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Chris Hedges Interviews Noam Chomsky (3/3)

Noam Chomsky says Occupy challenges the atomization of society, and also discusses how the media obstructs meaningful action to address climate change Story Transcript NOAM CHOMSKY, LINGUIST AND POLITICAL COMMENTATOR: It’s just exactly as Orwell said: it’s instilled into you. It’s part of a deep indoctrination system which leads to a certain way of looking […]