Middle East

Abby Martin on Julian Assange, Coup in Bolivia, Bernie Sanders, and Gaza

November 25, 2019

Investigative journalist and founder of the Empire Files Abby Martin talks about the implications Julian Assange’s case has for journalism; if what happened in Bolivia was a coup, and if it’s part of a trend unfolding throughout Latin America; and her latest documentary film, “Gaza Fights for Freedom.”

Netanyahu Indicted on Corruption Charges, But Won’t Step Down

November 22, 2019

Is this the end of the 13-year Netanyahu era? What is Trump learning from Netanyahu’s unprecedented response to the charges against him?

The War on Terror Cost $6.4 Trillion and 800,000 Lives

November 21, 2019

A new study on the cost of U.S. wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, and Pakistan presents a harrowing picture of the cost exacted in lives and taxpayer dollars.

Human Rights Watch Director to be Deported From Israel

November 19, 2019

Omar Shakir published reports of human rights abuses not only in Israel, but also by the Palestinian Authority and Hamas. Despite this, Israel is increasingly afraid of any criticism and is stepping up repressive measures.

Turkey’s Erdogan: Islamophobia’s Willing Accomplice

November 19, 2019

Shortly after meeting with Hungary’s far-right prime minister Viktor Orban, Turkey’s President Erdogan met with President Trump. Erdogan is spinning the war in Syria as promoting the interests of the far right in order to gather support for his policies from Islamophobic politicians.

Netanyahu Kills Palestinians to Keep Opposition From Forming Government

November 15, 2019

Provoking a conflict with Gaza led to the deaths of 32 Palestinians. But was the real objective the creation of an emergency government so Netanyahu can remain in power?

Iran Nuclear Agreement Continues to Collapse as Confrontation Intensifies

November 12, 2019

The collapse of the JCPOA, due to US withdrawal from the agreement, and protests in Iraq and in Lebanon are depriving Iran of its influence in the region and are pushing the government towards greater confrontation.

A Modern-Day Colonial Plantation Seeks Influence Over Trump

November 8, 2019

Psagot Winery from the occupied West Bank hired the lobbying firm Covington and Burling to sow conflict between the Trump administration and the EU, in order to gain leverage in its legal struggle to mis-label its wines as being products of Israel.

Facebook Sues Israeli Cyber Security Co. NSO Over WhatsApp Surveillance

November 7, 2019

Shir Hever discusses the strategy of the Israeli offensive cyber company NSO, its roots in the notorious Israeli “8200” military intelligence unit, and how it crossed a line that very few companies dare cross.

Iraq’s Prime Minister Agrees to Resign Amidst Largest Protests Since 2003

October 31, 2019

Iraqi security forces have killed hundreds of protesters who want to uproot the corrupt political system tied to Iran and established after the U.S. occupation.