Middle East

US Sanctions Undermine Coronavirus Response In Iran and Venezuela

March 20, 2020

Economic sanctions were already a serious blow to Iran and Venezuela’s hospital capacity. The Trump administration’s determination to increase them could make it even harder for the two countries to contain the virus.

Palestine Knows the Difference between Apartheid and Quarantine

March 17, 2020

No Israeli city is facing closure, even though the coronavirus is more widespread in Israel than in Palestinian cities. The Israeli siege has protected the Gaza Strip from coronavirus so far, but what if the infection crosses the fence?

UN List of Companies Exploiting Occupation of Palestine Hides Key Profiteers

March 12, 2020

The United States and Israel not only delayed the UN’s list of companies exploiting Palestinian occupation for three years, but omitted the most egregious profiteers, concealing activity that could be a war crime under the Geneva Conventions.

Dying of Thirst in Gaza

March 12, 2020

In Gaza, Even the Water is Occupied Territory

Impulsive Saudi Crown Prince Cracks Down, Rattles Global Markets

March 11, 2020

Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman arrested high-ranking members of his family and launched an oil price war with Russia, tanking the market. Code Pink’s Medea Benjamin says it just demonstrates how impulsive and capricious MBS’s decision making can be.

Netflix’s ‘Fauda’ Is a Hit Because of its Islamophobia, Not In Spite of It

March 6, 2020

‘Fauda,’ an Israeli show about soldiers who disguise themselves as Palestinians, subtly reinforces Islamophobic stereotypes and justifies state violence by promising to humanize both sides of the conflict.

Will Trump’s Surrender to the Taliban Bring an End to an Endless War?

March 6, 2020

Americans on right and left want this war to end, but will our imperial leaders ever learn the lessons of Vietnam and Afghanistan?

Germany Plays Key Role in Undermining ICC Case Against Israel

March 5, 2020

Professor Norman Finkelstein outlines the obstacles to holding Israel accountable for war crimes at the International Criminal Court. One of Israel’s main allies in undermining the effort is Germany.

In Israel Election Annexation Wins But Palestinian Led Left Surges

March 3, 2020

Israel had the highest turnout since 1999. A divided Right made gains, as did the non-Zionist left Joint List. With Netanyahu as PM, the Palestinian struggle is sure to intensify.

Turkey Weaponizing Refugees as Idlib Fight Escalates

March 3, 2020

Turkey opens European border allowing refugees to flee, Greek military tear gases refugees. Why? To force EU to back Turkey in Syria while Russia backs Assad.