Latin America & Caribbean

The last salsa in Miami

November 4, 2008

Little Havana in Miami is a notorious hotbed of Cuban-American activism. For many, Senator Barack Obama is the new Fidel Castro. But the Latino vote in Florida is more nuanced: there are older Cuban-Americans leaning Democrat, and young, born in the US Cuban-Americans vote differently from their fathers. Central and South Americans hold widely diverse…

Columbus Day: Indigenous People of the Americas

October 23, 2008
10,000 indigenous Colombians are marching against President Alvaro Uribe’s policies. The protest comes one week after violence erupted during demonstrations to press for land reform and dialogue with the government.

Bolivia approves new draft constitution

October 23, 2008

Bolivia’s Congress ratified President Evo Morales’ draft constitution on Tuesday, beginning a new phase to the president’s quest of empowering Bolivia’s long oppressed indigenous majority. Congress approved holding another referendum scheduled for January 25. Despite this development, Journalist and Author Forrest Hylton believes "the fight is not over by any means but [Bolivia] has entered…

Venezuela Coverage and Analysis

October 18, 2008
Find all of our Venezuela stories here, from the current crisis to the early days of The Real News Network

Russia and Bolivia ink helicopter deal

October 6, 2008

Russia and Bolivia strengthened their ties this week with Moscow concluding a deal with La Paz to purchase five Russian civil defence helicopters. The deal also forms part of a strategy of Latin American integration, sidelining the United States, as countries like Venezuela, Brazil, and Argentina among others, attempt to re assert control over their…

Latin American leaders support Morales at UN

September 26, 2008

Visiting the UN this week Bolivian President Evo Morales stated that mediation by UNASUR, The Union of South American Nations, is having a positive effect in a political crisis between his central government and eastern provinces demanding greater autonomy. Journalist and author Forrest Hylton believes that "Latin America is leading the world in multipolar forms…

Bolivia crisis

September 20, 2008


September 19, 2008
Bolivian president Evo Morales and opposition governors held talks on Thursday in attempt to defuse the country’s growing political crisis. The autonomists oppose any equitable redistribution of land and natural resources, and are demanding Morales cancel a referendum on a new constitution that would give Bolivia’s indigenous majority more power, and allow him to run…

New US Commander in Iraq has aggressive reputation

September 17, 2008

General Petraeus handed over military command of Iraq to General Ray Odierno on Tuesday. Known for his aggressive tactics in the early stages of the war, Odierno now faces major challenges in his efforts to stabilize the country. Among them are shrinking numbers of troops and the integration of pro-US Sunni militias into the Iraqi…