Latin America & Caribbean

Mexico’s Presidential Candidates Debate Strategies to Resist Trump

May 22, 2018

Sunday’s presidential debate in Mexico showed that as AMLO maintains his almost insurmountable lead, the other candidates are trying to copy his platform about raising wages and resisting Trump. John Ackerman reports from Mexico

Maduro Wins the Presidency in Venezuela – What Will the US Do Next?

May 21, 2018

Opposition candidate Henri Falcon cries foul. We speak with journalist Lucas Koerner of, election observer Roger Harris, and Venezuela analyst Greg Wilpert about the legitimacy of the results, and what is next for Venezuela

Ecuador’s Lenin Moreno Moves Further Right With New Cabinet

Ecuador’s Lenin Moreno Moves Further Right With New Cabinet

May 21, 2018

Guillaume Long, Ecuador’s former Minister of Foreign Affairs and former Ambassador to the UN in Geneva, discusses Lenin Moreno’s rightward shift since his election – a shift that his new cabinet further deepened

US Interference in Venezuela Could Reelect President Maduro

US Interference in Venezuela Could Reelect President Maduro

May 17, 2018

Venezuelans will go to the polls on Sunday under dire economic distress with inflation expected to reach over 10,000%. Professor Steve Ellner says, US has interfered in Venezuelan elections by urging the opposition to boycott and by imposing economic sanctions. The result might be another term for President Maduro

Julian Assange's Asylum in Ecuador's Embassy is 'Under Threat'

Julian Assange’s Asylum in Ecuador’s Embassy is ‘Under Threat’

May 17, 2018

Guillaume Long, Ecuador’s foreign minister under former President Rafael Correa, comments on the recent revelations in The Guardian that Ecuador spent millions of dollars on Assange’s security, on his current total isolation, and on the current government’s apparent lack of interest in guaranteeing Assange’s political asylum

Venezuela's Opposition Strategy in Presidential Election is to "Have it Both Ways"

Venezuela’s Opposition Strategy in Presidential Election is to “Have it Both Ways”

May 14, 2018

This coming Sunday is Venezuela’s Presidential election, which was moved up by several months. A large part of the opposition is boycotting the vote, but a serious challenger is in the running against Maduro. We speak to Venezuela expert Miguel Tinker-Salas

Atmospheric CO2 Concentration at Highest Level in 800,000 Years

May 13, 2018

Carbon dioxide – the main atmospheric greenhouse gas – reached 410 parts per million in April, for the first time in recorded history. The connection to global warming is undeniable, but emissions have plateaued, which means that we can still reverse this trend, says climate scientist Michael Mann

Mexico's Presidential Campaigns Struggle with Rampant Crime

Mexico’s Presidential Campaigns Struggle with Rampant Crime

May 11, 2018

Mexico’s crime problem has become increasingly intractable and is also affecting local races, which has left over 90 candidates murdered. Meanwhile, leftist candidate AMLO faces the wrath of Mexico’s business sector. John Ackerman analyzes the state of Mexico’s race for president

Argentina Turns to IMF, Despite Already Implementing a Neoliberal Program

May 10, 2018

President Mauricio Macri of Argentina is negotiating a $30 billion credit line with the IMF. The currency is devaluing rapidly and the government introduced a 40% interest rate to stop the slide. Now it turns to the IMF – as a cover for even harsher neoliberal measures? We speak to CEPR’s Mark Weisbrot

Trump’s Cancellation of Hondurans’ TPS Sends them into a ‘Very Dangerous Situation’

May 8, 2018

Over 50,000 Hondurans, plus their over 50,000 US-born children will face a very difficult choice of returning to one of Latin America’s most violent and poorest countries or becoming undocumented immigrants in the US, says Amnesty International’s Marselha Gonçalves Margerin