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Laura Flanders Show: Puerto Rican People's Power #1YearAfterMaria

Laura Flanders Show: Puerto Rican People’s Power #1YearAfterMaria

September 24, 2018

The Trump administration claims its response to Hurricane Maria was a “tremendous,” “unsung” success. Yet, what has been truly tremendous in the year since the hurricane is the will of Puerto Ricans building, organizing, and recovering on the island

Brazil's Historic Presidential Election: Left and Right Have Equal Chance of Winning

Brazil’s Historic Presidential Election: Left and Right Have Equal Chance of Winning

September 21, 2018

Now that frontrunner Lula da Silva of the Workers Party has been eliminated from the presidential race, his running mate, Fernando Haddad and far-right Jair Bolsonaro look likely to make the run-off after the first round vote on October 7th

Jair Bolsonaro: Brazil's Far-Right Version of Trump Leads the Presidential Race

Jair Bolsonaro: Brazil’s Far-Right Version of Trump Leads the Presidential Race

September 18, 2018

We update our profile of Jair Bolsonaro, who is leading in the presidential race in opinion polls, now that Workers Party candidate Lula da Silva was forced out of the race on corruption charges. Michael Fox reports

Chevron Arbitration Ruling Against Ecuador 'Completely Off Base'

Chevron Arbitration Ruling Against Ecuador ‘Completely Off Base’

September 17, 2018

A secret corporate arbitration panel in the Hague ruled that Ecuadorean courts’ $9.5 billion judgement against Chevron for environmental damages is illegal and should not be enforced. We speak to the plaintiffs’ lawyer Steven Donziger about the ruling    

Why is Argentina Entering into a New Economic Crisis?

September 5, 2018

CEPR co-director Mark Weisbrot lays out the roots of Argentina’s latest economic crisis, which have to do with the government’s massive foreign borrowing spree, deepening austerity measures, and rising Federal Reserve interest rates

Brazil’s Supreme Court Disqualifies Lula Da Silva from Running for President

September 1, 2018

Former President Lula da Silva planned to run for president from prison, but Brazil’s Supreme Court ruled that he cannot and now his Workers Party must scramble to put forward its replacement candidate, Fernando Haddad. Mike Fox reports from Brazil

Debate: Who Is Behind Nicaragua's Turmoil?

August 31, 2018
Recent months of deadly unrest in Nicaragua have fractured splits in the Sandinista movement, with critics accusing President Daniel Ortega of autocratic rule, and supporters accusing the opposition of attempting a US-backed soft coup. We host a debate between Dr. Mary Ellsberg of George Washington University and Max Blumenthal of the Grayzone Project.

Countries Alarmed Over Venezuelan Migration Forget History of Venezuela’s Acceptance of Migrants

August 28, 2018

As governments in Latin America hold emergency meetings to discuss how to curtail the influx of Venezuelans escaping their country’s economic crisis, they forget how Venezuela for the longest time took in economic refugees escaping other country’s crises