Latin America & Caribbean

Presidential Campaigns Begin in Bolivia Despite Ongoing Repression

February 14, 2020

As campaigning begins to repeat the Oct. 20 election that ended in a coup against former President Evo Morales, it remains far from certain whether this new election, under right-wing President Jeanine Añez, will be free and fair.

El Salvador’s President Militarizes Legislature to Strengthen Police Force

February 13, 2020

President Nayyib Bukele tried to intimidate lawmakers into approving his national security plan, which is supposed to bring down El Salvador’s sky-high crime rate. But the law and order plan follows US dictates and doesn’t address real causes of crime.

US Sanctions Venezuela Again to Prove Socialism Doesn’t Work

February 10, 2020

Shortly after Venezuelan opposition leader and self-declared president Juan Guaidó got a standing ovation at Trump’s State of the Union address, United States officials promised more sanctions on Venezuela. Why?

Fighting for Housing Rights in Brazil’s Largest City

February 7, 2020

Despite cuts to the state housing budget and the criminalization of housing movements in Sao Paulo, thousands of poor Brazilians remain in occupied buildings across the city, demanding their social right to housing.

Black Communities in Brazil Under Threat from US Satellite Deal

January 31, 2020

Dozens of traditional black communities, or Quilombos, in Northern Brazil are at risk of being removed from their ancestral land, due to an agreement that will give the United States access to Brazil’s Alcantara Satellite Launch Center. Families have vowed to resist.

10 Years After Earthquake, Massive Demonstrations Call for Haiti’s President to Resign

January 31, 2020

Foreign state donors and Haitian elites have misappropriated and stolen billions that were meant to rebuild Haiti.

Lula’s Foreign Minister on Iran Diplomacy and Brazil’s Sharp Turn to the Right

January 30, 2020

Celso Amorim, who served as Brazil’s foreign minister and as defense minister under President Lula da Silva, talks about the enormous effort Brazil put into securing a nuclear deal with Iran, how it was ignored, and how current president Bolsonaro is following an extreme right agenda.

Peru’s Congressional Elections Spark Little Enthusiasm

January 27, 2020

Peru’s President Martin Vizcarra sparked controversy when he dissolved Congress in September 2019. Though many Peruvians supported his decision, they are disillusioned with the political system. Why is that?

Brazil’s Right-Wing Bolsonaro Regime Attacks Leading Critic Glenn Greenwald

January 23, 2020

Brazil’s government faces near unanimous condemnation over its attempt to punish journalist Glenn Greenwald for revealing its corrupt investigation practices.

What Really Happened With Venezuela’s Parallel President?

January 17, 2020

Media reports and the Trump administration presented a very one-sided version of the election of Venezuela’s National Assembly leadership, presenting it as a coup. But who is trying to overthrow whom?