Latin America & Caribbean

The $15 Million Bounty On Maduro Is One More Attempt To Unseat Him

April 3, 2020

The US says Maduro collaborated with the FARC to “flood the US with cocaine.” It’s an additional legal pressure to get Venezuela’s president to step down.

What Happened To Cuba-US Relations Under Trump?

April 2, 2020

Eddie Conway talks to Dr. Ken Morgan from Baltimore and Professor Luis Montero-Cabrera about Cuba’s relief efforts and doctors, the cost of hostile relations with the US, and how Americans can still travel to Cuba under Trump’s restrictions.

Venezuela’s Communes: Still Here, Still Fighting

March 23, 2020

About 2,000 grassroots communes maintain direct and participatory democracy in the face of the country’s economic crisis. This report was filmed before the COVID-19 pandemic began to affect everyday life in Venezuela.

US Sanctions Undermine Coronavirus Response In Iran and Venezuela

March 20, 2020

Economic sanctions were already a serious blow to Iran and Venezuela’s hospital capacity. The Trump administration’s determination to increase them could make it even harder for the two countries to contain the virus.

OAS Failed To Prove Fraud In Bolivian Election

March 20, 2020

A detailed new analysis conducted by researchers at the Center for Economic and Policy Research shows that the OAS election observers’ audit of Bolivia’s 2019 presidential election failed to prove that the official result was fraudulent.

Venezuela’s Revolutionary Humanized Birth Plan

March 3, 2020

Despite U.S. sanctions, medicine shortages, and on-going economic crisis, Venezuela has been quietly implementing one of the world’s first nationwide plans to support pregnant women across the country and to humanize birth in Venezuela.

Argentina’s Fracking Boom Is Creating Climate Justice Concerns

February 26, 2020

Big Oil hopes Argentina’s shale oil and gas boom can rival the United States’. Backed by US dollar diplomacy, the boom has come at the cost of climate change, ecological damage, and encroachment on indigenous land.

Surviving the Onslaught of Fracking in Argentina

February 26, 2020

The Argentine government is trying to dig out of an economic crisis, and views fracking as one of its key solutions. But for people living in the industry’s shadow, including indigenous Mapuche communities, the costs are steep.

Afro-Feminist Resistance in Brazil’s Carnival

February 25, 2020

In Southern Brazil, the all women’s carnival block Cores de Aide is marching for political resistance and in defense of women, who have been particularly under attack during the far-right presidency of Jair Bolsonaro.

Unreported Opposition Violence Continues in Venezuela

February 21, 2020

Venezuela’s opposition has a long history of burning government buildings, health clinics, and the local headquarters of the country’s social missions. The violence continues, but these acts of opposition violence are rarely covered in the press.