Asia Pacific

From Nixon to 9/11

December 21, 2008
In the last months of his administration, President Lyndon Johnson voiced worry over the Vietnam peace talks and stridently suggested that associates of Richard Nixon were attempting to keep South Vietnam away from the table until after the 1968 election, recordings of telephone conversations released Thursday show. "This is treason," Johnson said, referring to people…

Cluster bomb treaty: US, Russia and China opt out

December 4, 2008

Guardian: 100 countries set to sign international treaty banning cluster bombs but major powers refuse

Wall Street teeters, the Empire and China shake

September 18, 2008

Markets in New York were rocked again on Wednesday as anxieties about the financial system ran high after the government’s bailout of insurer American International Group left investors with little confidence in many banking stocks. The Dow Jones industrial average nosedived about 450 points, down more than 800 points or 7 percent so far this…

2008 US election

September 5, 2008
Robert Parry on Vietnam era hawks, the neocons and McCain Pt2

Robert Parry on John McCain and the neocons

September 5, 2008
Robert Parry on Vietnam era hawks, the neocons and McCain Pt2

What would a rational American foreign policy look like?

July 9, 2008
Aijaz Ahmad: What would a rational American foreign policy look like? Pt 3

North Korea begins dismantling nuke program

June 27, 2008

AP: US agrees to lift sanctions in response to North Korea demolition of tower at nuclear plant

Republican’s China-Cuba oil drilling story false?

June 26, 2008

With President Bush and the Republicans calling to lift the ban on offshore drilling of oil and gas, one claim from many Republicans in support of drilling suggests that China and Cuba are either already drilling or about to start, just 50 miles off the coast of Florida. But a report in McClatchy Newspapers says…

Divisions in the whaling world

June 21, 2008

The Guardian reports on divisions in the whaling world. Chile vows to protect the sea mammals while Japan remains committed to whaling, ahead of next week’s International Whaling Commission meeting.

China denies hacking

June 6, 2008

AP: China denied that it copied contents of US government laptop & used data to hack into Commerce Dept

The US bomb legacy in Laos

June 1, 2008

During the Vietnam war, the US illegally bombed Laos as part of a secret war to disrupt Vietcong supply routes. 30 years later, 78 million unexploded cluster bombs remain scattered across the country, placing thousands at risk of death or injury every day. 111 countries gathered in Dublin this week to adopt a treaty banning…