Asia Pacific

Trump, Pence Rain on Koreas’ Olympic Unity Parade

February 9, 2018

In a show of unity, athletes from North and South Korea marched at the Winter Olympics’ Opening Ceremony under the same flag. But the Trump administration is doing its best to thwart hopes for peace on the peninsula, says Christine Ahn of Women Cross DMZ

Massive Oil Spill in East China Sea Is the Size of Paris

January 19, 2018

In one of the worst oil shipping disasters in decades, a tanker carrying $60 million of Iranian oil collided with a Chinese cargo ship. We speak with marine biologist David Santillo about the possible effects on marine ecosystems

Gulf Crisis Creates Opportunity for Asian Nations

November 29, 2017

By James M Dorsey / Pragati. The rift between the Gulf countries and Qatar has created a space for Asian countries to step in to engage with the small peninsular state. There’s a silver lining for Asian countries in the six-month old crisis in the Gulf that pits a UAE-Saudi-led alliance against Qatar. That is…

The Revolution Party and the Russian Revolution

November 26, 2017

By Leo Panitch / Global Research. A fresh and compelling new account of the Russian revolution to mark its centenary concludes by paying tribute to the Bolsheviks for acting as history’s switchmen, a term derived from the small booths that dotted the railway tracks across the Russian empire, where local revolutionaries had long gathered for…

Commercial terms call into question China’s win-win Belt and Road initiative

November 23, 2017

By James M. Dorsey / Mid-East Soccer. In a rare challenging of Chinese commercial terms that underlie the country’s ambitious Belt and Road initiative, Pakistan and Nepal have withdrawn from two dam-building deals. The withdrawal coincides with mounting questions in Pakistan, a crown jewel in Chinese geo-strategic ambition, about what some see as a neo-colonial…

Transition in the Middle East: Transition to what?

November 20, 2017

By James M. Dorsey / Mid-East Soccer. Transition is the name of the game in the Middle East and North Africa. The question is transition to what? Dominating the answer is an Arab autocratic push for a Saudi-led regional order that would be based on an upgraded 21st century version of autocracy designed to fortify…

Can Congress Stop Trump From Going Nuclear?

November 16, 2017

The Senate has held a hearing on a topic it hasn’t taken up in more than four decades: the President’s authority to launch nuclear war. William Hartung of the Center for International Policy discusses nuclear policy in the Trump era

Saudi crackdown raises spectre of wider spread dissent

November 5, 2017

By James M. Dorsey / Mid-East Soccer. Few paid attention to a rare protest in Saudi Arabia in late January 2011 as a wave of popular uprisings swept the Middle East and North Africa, toppling the leaders of Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and Yemen. Yet, the protests and criticism of the government’s handling of floods in…

Disrupting “The Marketplace of Ideas”: Then and Now

November 2, 2017

By Andrew Levine / Counterpunch. Photo by erick hrz aguirre | CC by 2.0 The “better angels of our nature” that Abraham Lincoln talked about have always been in short supply on the American right.  However, that problem sometimes goes into remission, and people forget. It became hard to forget with the rise of the…

Post 9/11 AUMF Law Gives Trump Power to Wage Perpetual War

November 1, 2017

Post 9/11 authorization to use military force has been used to intervene in 19 countries. Congress ought to reclaim its authority to declare war, explains Col. Larry Wilkerson