Dr. Khalilah M. Harris Joins The Real News Network!

Dr. Khalilah M. Harris Headshot

We’re excited to announce Dr. Khalilah M. Harris is joining The Real News Network as executive producer and host focused on the Baltimore Bureau, education reporting and social commentary. Khalilah brings a unique perspective to curating content from an extensive career working to expand access to opportunity through an equity lens in community organizing, education, education policy, youth advocacy, and building an inclusive workforce.

“Having talent like Khalilah’s join our team will strengthen our bench and capacity to develop meaningful content for a wider audience. Both her career in education and policy, as well as, deep roots in the Baltimore community will support our ability to tell stories and share news that anyone can relate to and make sense of,” shared Paul Jay, CEO and Senior Editor at the Real News.

On her decision to join the Real News Network, Khalilah shared “This is a time in our existence where access to reliable and credible news will be what makes or breaks people’s opportunity to live their best lives. My entire career has been built on working to dismantle inequity and systems of oppression so success is not determined by where you live or what you look like.” She went on to say “Expanding my reach into media is an exciting next step in my career. I look forward to sharing my voice as a mother, researcher and advocate for justice as a member of the leadership team at The Real News Network.”

In addition to developing deep content with our education team and Baltimore Bureau, we look forward to cutting edge and innovative special productions and reporting that build on Khalilah’s experiences. As the Real News continues to produce independent, verifiable, fact-based journalism that engages ordinary people in solving the critical problems of our times, look forward to the ongoing addition of voices from people with direct and unique experiences working towards those solutions.

Dr. Khalilah M. Harris Bio

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