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Posted inPolitics and Movements: US

Right Turn in Canada

Leo Panitch: Conservative strength means tough austerity measures on the way Story Transcript PAUL JAY, SENIOR EDITOR, TRNN: Welcome to The Real News Network. I’m Paul Jay in Toronto. And in Toronto, the newly elected mayor is Rob Ford, a right-wing populist. In the recent federal election, a majority Conservative government, led by right-wing Stephen […]

Posted inEconomy and Inequality, Politics and Movements: US

More Native Students Can’t Afford Higher Education

The First Peoples News Bureau investigates the 2 percent cap on spending increases mandated by the Canadian government in 1996 Story Transcript WES MARSDEN, FIRST PEOPLES NEWS BUREAU: On September 23, 2010, First Nations and Aboriginal people from over 25 different communities across Canada gathered to rally on Parliament Hill in Ottawa. The people rallied […]

Posted inEconomy and Inequality, Politics and Movements: US

G-20 Fallout Continues in Toronto

On Tuesday, the civilian oversight board for the Toronto police force agreed to the parameters for the public inquiry. Victims of the police actions aren’t enthused about any of the official paths ahead of them, and are finding their own forms accountability. Story Transcript JESSE FREESTON, PRODUCER, TRNN: On Tuesday, the civilian oversight board for […]