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TRNN Debate: Can Carbon Pricing Bring Down Global Carbon Emissions? (2/2)

September 28, 2014

CDP executive director Nigel Topping and Dr. Steffen Boehm of the University of Essex continue their debate about the effectiveness of carbon pricing in bringing down global greenhouse gas emissions…

Saudis to Reinforce Crackdown on Peaceful Protesters, Amnesty Says

January 4, 2012

…of Amnesty International USA, commented on the proposed new law. “Having just renewed the USA Patriot Act, the United States has sadly continued to set the stage for and model…

Saudi Plans for Syria Ground Invasion: Bluff or a Disaster in the Making?

February 17, 2016

Vijay Prashad and Paul Jay discuss the potential consequences of a Saudi-Turkish invasion of Syria, more likely aimed at Assad than ISIS and on a collision course with Russia (1/2)

Real Media: UK Drilling Down with Dodgy Fracking Data

September 23, 2017

A report commissioned by ‘Talk Fracking’ analyzes the latest peer-reviewed fracking science and questions a 4-year-old report that UK conservatives rely on to push through their fracking agenda…

Public Broadcasters Relying More and More On Corporate Funding

February 26, 2014

Jeff Cohen: PBS show “Pension Peril”, funded by a billionaire with interest in shaping public pension policy, follows a trend of public broadcasters growing increasingly dependent on corporate funds…

Days of Revolt: Coping with Reality

April 27, 2016

In this episode of teleSUR’s Days of Revolt, Chris Hedges interviews climate change activist Tim DeChristopher about the social tension and injustice triggered by the deadly failure of the industrial…

The UK’s Student Movement at a Crossroads

November 25, 2012

What was supposed to be the biggest UK student march of 2012 ends as a chaotic washout, leaving the future uncertain for Britain’s student movement…

Social Security A Success Story: Can It Withstand Republican Privatization Attacks?

August 24, 2017

Republicans continue to launch efforts to privatize and dismantle the very efficient Social Security program says economist Dean Baker

Real Media: The Nomadic War Machine

September 22, 2017

Paul Watt discusses the fight against social cleansing and gentrification, and specifically what he calls the ‘Nomadic War Machine,’ where campaign groups occupy spaces to shift the power balance with…

Is This What Voluntary Corporate Social Responsibility Looks Like?

December 2, 2014

Dimitri Lascaris on the case against Nevsun Resources, a Canadian mining company whose appalling labour record in Eritrea was brought to court by a consortium of Canadian Law firms…