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Honduran Security Forces Tear-Gas International Human Rights Delegation

Human rights experts from Canada, the U.K. and the U.S. were forced to flee a protest against the radically neoliberal policies of Juan Orlando Hernandez. Dimitri Lascaris reports from Honduras Story Transcript DIMITRI LASCARIS: This is Dimitri Lascaris reporting for The Real News Network from Honduras. I’ve come to Honduras with a delegation of university […]

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What Future for the UK with One-Third of Children in Poverty?

Philip Alston, UN Special Rapporteur, says the alarming rise of poverty in the UK is deliberate–and so too in the US Story Transcript PHILIP ALSTON: I think that whatever position one takes on Brexit, the two sides are at least agreed on the fact that they want a strong, proud, and socially coherent United Kingdom. […]

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Three Ways To Discipline Corporate Global Governors (Pt 2/2)

No stakeholder-based global governance system comes close to matching the democratic legitimacy of a citizen-based and nation-state-based governance system, says Harris Gleckman, who advocates three alternatives to the current corporate-driven multi-stakeholder system and its self-selected global governors Story Transcript HARRIS GLECKMAN We are facing a number of different challenges in the world, a number of […]

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Riveting Testimony at Historic Hearing on Medicare for All – RAI with Wendell Potter (2/7)

The House Rules Committee heard powerful testimony about the urgency of passing Medicare for All from Ady Barkan, who is in late stages of ALS. Wendell Potter on Reality Asserts Itself hosted by Paul Jay Story Transcript PAUL JAY In a historic first, Medicare for All actually got a hearing on the Hill. During that […]

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U.S. Gag Rule Expansion Will Constrain Women’s Rights Worldwide

The Trump administration’s global gag rule will not only stop abortion funding, but will bar organizations worldwide from offering comprehensive reproductive health services Story Transcript SHARMINI PERIES It’s The Real News Network. I’m Sharmini Peries coming to you from Baltimore. Last month, the Trump administration announced a significant expansion of its policy to deny U.S. […]

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If War Is an Industry, How Can There Be Peace in a Capitalist World? The Seventeenth Newsletter (2019).

By Vijay Prashad. Greetings from the desk of the Tricontinental: Institute for Social Research. On 26 April 1937, twelve bombers of the German Condor Legion and the Italian Aviazione Legionaria flew low over the Basque country of Spain in the midst of the Spanish Civil War (1936-39). They tore down over the small town of […]

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Sen. Warren Wants to Jail Those Who Caused 2008’s Meltdown

BIll Black examines the historical context of Warren’s bills for easier prosecution of banks and corporate leaders Story Transcript MARC STEINER Welcome to The Real News Network. I’m Mark Steiner. Great to have you all with us. Senator Elizabeth Warren is attempting to make waves with her bold pronouncements during her bid for this presidency. […]

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Is Russian ‘Meddling’ an Attack on America? – RAI with Stephen Cohen (1/5)

“The claim that Russia attacked America during the 2016 presidential election is both exceedingly dangerous and a complete falsehood,” says Stephen Cohen on Reality Asserts Itself with Paul Jay Story Transcript PAUL JAY: Welcome to Reality Asserts Itself on The Real News Network. And I’m Paul Jay. People that follow this show know I particularly […]

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The Prosecution Of Julian Assange Is A Threat To Journalists Everywhere

By Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers / Popular Resistance Above: Supporters of Julian Assange gather outside Westminster Court after Assange’s arrest. Photo by WIktor Szymanowicz for AFP-NurPhoto. Action steps:  Take action to protect Julian Assange. Click here to read about what you can do. Support the Embassy Protection Collective. The United States is recognizing its fake […]