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Posted inArticleEconomy and Inequality

Should Progressives Unify with the Democratic Party Establishment? Hell No!

By Jeff Cohen. This article was first published on Huffington Post. In countless ways over the last 35 years, our society has become less economically equal and more dominated by corporate power. Less just and more jailed. Vast urban and rural areas decline as government subsidizes economic elites. Funds for education and social services are […]

Posted inArticleClimate Crisis

How Donald Trump Kingmaker-Billionaires Robert and Rebekah Mercer Have Poured Millions Into Climate Science Denial

By Graham Readfearn. This article was first published on Desmoblog. When it comes to climate science denial, some names come easily and deservingly to mind. There’s oil giant ExxonMobil — a company that contributed millions of dollars to organizations that told the public there was no risk from burning fossil fuels. There are the oil billionaire Koch brothers […]

Posted inArticlePolitics and Movements: International

The Oligarch Files: Did a billionaire fertiliser baron bail out Trump by paying millions over the odds for this gaudy pleasure palace? And is THIS the Russian connection that could return to haunt the presidency?

By James S Henry. This article was first published on Daily Mail. Trumps’s election campaign was bedevilled by allegations of links with Kremlin Story of Maison de l’Amitie is example of Donald Trump’s connections to Moscow Close scrutiny of The Donald’s business history now suggests that if there is a real concern about Russian connections, […]

Posted inArticle

The Donald and the Jewish Question

By Andrew Levine. This article was first published on Counterpunch. As news of appointments to the Trump administration flow in, the hard Right is riding high, and anti-Semitism and Zionism are in the news in ways that purveyors of conventional wisdom have to struggle to make sense of.  The Trump phenomenon has undone conventional understandings […]

Posted inArticlePolitics and Movements: International

Op-Ed: We must stop South Africa from descending into a mafia-controlled predatory state

By Zwelinzima Vavi. This article was first published on Daily Maverick. Unless South Africans stand up to reclaim the right to determine their own destiny, they are in danger of watching our beloved country becoming a predatory state. The hyenas are gathering. The hyenas are gathering to defend themselves A typical hyena clan is governed […]

Posted inArticlePolitics and Movements: International

Can People’s Power Save the Bolivarian Revolution?

By Richard Fidler. This article was first published on the Socialist Project. Rightists’ election victory poses major threat to Venezuela’s advances Richard Fidler Seventeen years after Hugo Chávez was elected Venezuela’s President for the first time, the supporters of his Bolivarian Revolution, now led by President Nicolás Maduro, suffered their first major defeat in a […]