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Solution to Student Debt is to Get the Banks Out of the Education Business

Michael Hudson: Crippling student debt, which is also a drag on the whole ecnonomy, developed as governments pushed the burden of higher education costs onto students and pushed them into the arms of the banks Story Transcript PAUL JAY, SENIOR EDITOR, TRNN: Welcome to The Real News Network. I’m Paul Jay in Baltimore. A recent […]

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Top union brass caught obstructing solidarity with Quebecois students

By Diane Kalen-Sukra. I’m surprised it took so long for Canada’s union bureaucracy to really feel the democratizing pressure of the social media Wikileak internet age. It finally happened in a big way this week – Quebec and Canada’s top union brass had “internal” correspondence, in which they direct all of Canada’s major unions to […]

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New Quebec Government Cancels Tuition Hike

Richard Fidler: CLASSE student organization sets its sights on free university tuition Story Transcript PAUL JAY, SENIOR EDITOR, TRNN: Welcome to The Real News Network. I’m Paul Jay. The recent Quebec provincial election saw a new government come to power: Parti Quebecois won with a minority government. And one of the things that was announced […]

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We are all Quebecois (even if we don’t know it yet)

By Diane Kalen-Sukra. Months after the student protests against tuition hikes began in Quebec, many folks in English Canada continue to scratch their heads at how resistance from a group of disparate student unions over a dozen campuses could spark the largest and most sustained citizen’s revolt in Canadian history, a veritable “red square” revolution […]

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Working Class Politics After the NDP

By Sam Gindin and Michael Hurley. This article was first published on Socialist Project. Introduction: Crisis in Labour Politics The issue that we can’t ignore this Labour Day is the disorientation in our movement’s politics. List the issues working people are most concerned about today – whether deindustrialization, unemployment and underemployment; access to healthcare, childcare […]

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The High Stakes of Native Resistance

By Geneviève Beaudet and Pierre Beaudet The blossoming of the Idle No More movement signals the return of native resistance to the political and social landscape of Canada and Quebec. With its origins in Saskatchewan in October 2012, this mass movement has taken on the federal government and more specifically the adoption of Bill C-45. […]

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The Companies Profiting from Police Militarization

Kimber Heinz: Urban Shield demonstrates the militarization of security forces worldwide. Police departments and military units met with weapons contractors last weekend at the seventh annual Urban Shield expo in Oakland, California. The event was sponsored by manufacturers like Lockhead Martin, Colt Weapons, and Safariland, who produce tear gas, arms and stun grenades. The expo […]