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Paul Jay: Threats Facing Humanity, Basic Income & Importance of Historical Context

In the second part of the interview with the Senior Editor and Founder of The Real News Network, Paul Jay, we continue the discussion on the threats facing humanity today. In addition we talk about whether the basic income could enhance political participation & the consumption of information produced by independent media outlets. Lastly we examine the importance of taking into account historical context when relating to current issues

Posted inPolitics and Movements: International, Real News Daily Reports

Israel Pays a Bounty of $5,000 and Arms for Each African Asylum Seeker Expelled

Israel was the main driver behind the 1951 UN Convention on the Rights of Refugees, but after signing it, it has never respected the rights of refugees. In fact, it has created one of the biggest refugee crisis the world has seen, says Journalist and Filmmaker Lia Tarachansky Story Transcript SHARMINI PERIES: Welcome to The […]

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Israel-Hamas truce

AP: A long-sought truce between Israel and Gaza militants goes into effect Story Transcript (VOICEOVER): At six o’clock Thursday morning, Gaza City is peaceful. The sun rises. A few early birds take to the streets. Even the soldiers look relaxed. These are the first moments of a truce between Israel and Gaza Strip militants. The […]