No justice, no peace: Rapsody on art, activism, and the power of music

The professors invite Rapsody to discuss the legacy of the Black music tradition and how it continually reiterates itself within “new genres” creating a cultural archive. Additionally, Rapsody discusses her journey ‘making it’ in the business without compromising her vision for her artistry and the stories she wants to tell. As they discuss both the legacy and future of hip-hop, the Professors and Rapsody discuss the popular tropes in hip hop music and interrogate how gender stereotypes manifest both ‘the business’ and music itself. Finally, they speak to the political nature and origins of hip hop and exchange views on how it continues to fortify generations of freedom fighters. 

Rapsody is a Jamla/Roc Nation artist who has spent the better part of the present decade lapping peers and counterparts while mesmerizing fans who still prefer their rhymes detailed and nutritious. The Snow Hill, North Carolina native has more than held her own alongside greats like Kendrick Lamar, Black Thought and the late Mac Miller. She has been broadcasted and hailed by media giants––from NPR to USA Today to TIME  Magazine to BET (2013’s Hip Hop Cypher) to NBC (The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, 2015). In 2014, XXL named her one of the 20 Greatest Female Rappers of All Time. The following year, Dr. Dre crowned her his “favorite female emcee.” In 2018, The Netflix/Mass Appeal 8 part documentary series, RAPSURE, Rapsody is featured as the only female artist and role model in Episode 6. 

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Jeremy James Berry

Jeremy James Berry is co-founder and CEO of SpkerBox Media Inc, a digital media network and podcast production company. SpkerBox Media currently produces the podcast "The Tight Rope," co-hosted by Dr. Cornel West and professor Tricia Rose.
Jeremy is also co-founder and CEO of Global Perspective Speakers & Events, an international public speakers bureau. GPS Speakers currently services an expansive list of event producers, primarily in the education and nonprofit sectors, and represents a sophisticated roster of talent in media, business, education, and politics. Such talent includes Dr. Cornel West, professor Tricia Rose, Iyanla Vanzant, Bakari Sellers, Dr. Henry Louis Gates Jr., and others. Internationally, GPS has brokered deals and co-produced large-scale tours.
After receiving his associate degree in business administration from Mt. San Antonio College, Jeremy transferred to the University of Southern California, where he studied at the Leventhal School of Accounting. Jeremy’s primary career focus is on developing new streams of revenue for his organizations and associated clients; however, his calling is rooted in the service of disseminating the most needed information to communities that are most in need. He harbors a deep love for an eclectic mix of music, and he has a passion for traveling and examining intercultural influences. Jeremy places God and family first with friends and education not far behind.