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Kosovo: The global significance of independence

Bruce Fein: Independence promotes stability Story Transcript BRUCE FEIN, FOUNDER, AMERICAN FREEDOM AGENDA: The reason why the Kosovo independence is so significant is because it addresses an issue that’s prevalent throughout the world, for example Sri Lanka, where you have a minority that has been oppressed by the majority. And we’ve always had rather blurry […]

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ALERT: Turkish army incursion into Iraq

10,000 Turkish troops cross into northern Iraq to strike against suspected PKK targets Story Transcript VOICE OF MISHUK MUNIER, PRESENTER: Turkish troops crossed into Iraqi Kurdistan on Thursday. Ten thousand Turkish troops backed by the air force have reportedly crossed the border to strike against suspected PKK targets. According to the BBC, Turkish President Abdullah […]

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The Turkish-Kurdish conflict

Recorded Oct 23, 2007 Story Transcript PAUL JAY, SENIOR EDITOR: In a 507 to 19 vote, the Turkish parliament voted on October 18 to allow its military to make an incursion into Iraq to chase down Kurdistan Workers Party, PKK, conducting cross-border attacks on Turkey. Following the Turkish parliament’s approval of sending troops into Iraq, […]