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Posted inPolitics and Movements: International

Pakistan: Emergency rule now called democracy

Aijaz Ahmad: Restoration of “democracy” is an extension of emergency conditions Story Transcript What’s next for Pakistan? PAUL JAY, SENIOR EDITOR: Pakistan’s President Musharraf lifted the emergency on December 15 and restored the constitution, introducing several amendments to the Constitution by presidential decree. He’s also constituted a new national command authority, chaired by the president […]

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Turkish troops cross Iraqi border

Over 300 Turkish soldiers attack PKK rebel bases in Northern Iraq Story Transcript ZAA NKWETA, PRESENTER/PRODUCER: Kurdish officials in Iraq said on Tuesday that some 300 Turkish troops crossed about three kilometres into northern Iraq. Relations have been strained between the two since Iraq-based Kurdish rebels ambushed a Turkish military patrol, killing twelve soldiers, on […]

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Conflict over Bolivia’s constitutional reform

Rich lowland states fight Evo Morales’ plan to share revenues with poor, indigenous highland regions Story Transcript ZAA NKWETA, PRESENTER/PRODUCER: Bolivia saw massive demonstrations on Saturday in favour of and against President Evo Morales, the country’s first indigenous president. Morales and his majority coalition are proposing a new constitution, which would grant more power to […]

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Turkey bombs Kurdish Iraq

Did Washington open Iraqi airspace prior to Turkish offensive? Story Transcript ZAA NKWETA, PRESENTER/PRODUCER: Turkish air forces attacked alleged Kurdish bases in northern Iraq on Sunday. The Turkish and U.S. governments define the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, the PKK, as a terrorist group and have accused them of launching attacks from Iraq into the border region […]

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CIA vs. the White House?

Aijaz Ahmad on the continuing fallout of the NIE report Story Transcript ZAA NKWETA, PRESENTER/PRODUCER: Controversy over the National Intelligence Estimates report regarding Iran’s nuclear capability continues. The report states that Iran has halted its nuclear weapons program in 2003. Neoconservatives have been calling the report sabotage, time to undercut the White House. Senior Editor […]

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Why is violence down in Iraq?

Pepe Escobar: Evolving Iraqi nationalism is Washington’s worst nightmare Story Transcript PAUL JAY, SENIOR EDITOR: The U.S. government claims violence in Iraq has dropped to levels not seen consistently for almost three years. Osama bin Laden says al-Qaida in Iraq has made mistakes and seems in retreat. U.S. Army General David Petraeus says the surge […]