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Posted inPolitics and Movements: International

Kenyan election spirals into violence

Kenya’s prosperous economy belies underlying economic structural inequalities Story Transcript ZAA NKWETA, PRESENTER/PRODUCER: In the midst of an alleged election fraud, Kenya has spiralled into violence. President Mwai Kibaki claimed a second victory in the recent presidential elections. His political rival, Raila Odinga, claimed the elections were rigged. At least 300 people are dead, and […]

Posted inPolitics and Movements: US

Inside a caucus: Iowa 2008

TRNN Replay: Revealing look at an Iowa caucus: Is this democracy in action? Story Transcript Inside the caucus: Iowa 2008 MATTHEW PALEVSKY, JOURNALIST, TRNN: I’m in Des Moines, Iowa, at Brody High School, the site of the 67th precinct for caucusing. We’re in the Democratic caucus, and around the room are different groups representing the […]

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Turkey blames Kurdish PKK for bombing

This item is based on an AP report of the reaction of Turkish officials to the bombing. TRNN has no independent verifiable information as to who is responsible for the attack. See the context section for various takes on the events. Story Transcript VOICE OF ZAA NKWETA, PRESENTER/PRODUCER: A car bomb targeting soldiers killed five […]

Posted inPolitics and Movements: International

Pakistan lawyers call for election boycott

Story Transcript Lahore, Pakistan SHAMIN UR RAHMAN MALIK, SECRETARY OF LAHORE BAR ASSOCIATION: We have already announced the boycott of elections, because these elections in presence of this judiciary and in presence of President Musharraf over there, we don’t expect, and it is essential, that these elections cannot be fair and free. CROWD: Murderer, murderer, […]

Posted inPolitics and Movements: International

Who gained from Bhutto’s death?

Aijaz Ahmad: Musharraf and extremists had the most to gain from assassination Story Transcript PAUL JAY, SENIOR EDITOR: In a nationally televised address on Wednesday, Pakistan president Pervez Musharraf announced that he had requested assistance from Scotland Yard in the investigation of the assassination of Benazir Bhutto. (CLIP BEGINS) PERVEZ MUSHARRAF, PAKISTANI PRESIDENT (SUBTITLED TRANSLATION): […]