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Welcome Citizen Journalists

We do not yet have the resources to process general submissions from Citizen Journalists, but we are inviting submissions in one specific area: If you have research or footage related to cell phone technology and human health, we invite you to fill out the “submit story” form below. If you like, you can choose to […]

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See the patterns

We will combine breaking-news footage from around the world with reportage from some of the world’s best journalists, expanding from several news items per day to a 24/7 news website and daily news hour for television. What you are seeing now on is just a taste of what we can do when we are […]

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Ferial Hafferjee

“You’re not going to see it on CNN” Story Transcript FERIAL HAFFERJEE, EDITOR, MAIL AND GUARDIAN, S. AFRICA: 2005 has been Africa’s year. It’s made global headlines, perhaps more so than the continent has in any decade before. In the grand world of spin, the months leading up to the G8 Summit were filled with […]

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Pamela de Maigret

Pamela de Maigret is a filmmaker, producer and journalist. Previously a foreign correspondent and US Congress liaison, she is currently writing a book about the disenfranchisement of the moderate center in American politics, drawing on her experience as a life-long Republican activist. Story Transcript PAMELA DE MAIGRET, JOURNALIST, PRODUCER, FILMMAKER: I was a loyal Republican. […]

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Interview with Amy Goodman

Independent media veteran Amy Goodman wants “a media that celebrates dissent, that is a sanctuary of dissent – because that’s what will make this country healthy, and that’s what will make us safer, here … and around the world.” Amy Goodman is the host and executive producer of Democracy Now!, a TV and radio show […]