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Pamela de Maigret

Pamela de Maigret is a filmmaker, producer and journalist. Previously a foreign correspondent and US Congress liaison, she is currently writing a book about the disenfranchisement of the moderate center in American politics, drawing on her experience as a life-long Republican activist. Story Transcript PAMELA DE MAIGRET, JOURNALIST, PRODUCER, FILMMAKER: I was a loyal Republican. […]

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Interview with Amy Goodman

Independent media veteran Amy Goodman wants “a media that celebrates dissent, that is a sanctuary of dissent – because that’s what will make this country healthy, and that’s what will make us safer, here … and around the world.” Amy Goodman is the host and executive producer of Democracy Now!, a TV and radio show […]

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Interview with Dr. David Suzuki

He states that the media has to take responsibility for the fact that there is a notion that the issue of climate change is still controversial, even though the vast majority of climatologists in the world say something must be done. Story Transcript DR. DAVID SUZUKI, ENVIRONMENTALIST AND BROADCASTER: In the United States, there has […]

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Robert McChesney

Robert W. McChesney: “This is the sort of thing we can build right now without anyone else’s permission, from the government, or from the business community.” Story Transcript ROBERT W. MCCHESNEY, PRESIDENT, FREE PRESS: To give the best example of how bad it was, Colin Powell’s speech at the United Nations shortly before the US […]