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Pakistan Supreme Court reinstates chief justice Chief Justice Chaudhry had become a symbol for pro-democracy and anti-Musharraf forces since he was ousted from office on March 9 on charges of judicial misconduct and nepotism. Chaudhry opposes President General Musharraf’s efforts to run as president while maintaining control of the army. He has criss-crossed Pakistan, making campaign-style speeches against dictatorial rule. […]

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Gaza economy in crisis

On June 12, citing security reasons, Israel closed the Karni crossing, the last remaining commercial entry point to Gaza. Only basic food and medicines are allowed in. A Palestinian businessman, quoted by the Associated Press, says 68,000 workers have since lost their jobs. According to Gisha, an Israeli human rights group, “more than 70% of […]

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Jonathan Schell on the media

Says Schell: To start framing issues on a global basis is crucial. “When we talk about ‘mainstream,’ we’re not talking the mainstream of public opinion, we’re talking about the mainstream of the opinion of the powerful.” Story Transcript JONATHAN SCHELL, AUTHOR: Well, there’s a whole array of issues now that present themselves, really, on a […]