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Minibus explodes in Baghdad market

The soccer win seemed briefly to unite Iraqis of all religious and political affiliations. In what’s described as the biggest street demonstrations since the fall of Saddam Hussein, joyous fans celebrated across the country in an outpouring of national pride. The team, known as the Lions of Mesopotamia, defeated Saudi Arabia 1-0 at the Asian […]

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New political foe challenges Pakistan President

The latest violence which followed today’s reopening of Islamabad’s Red Mosque once again dramatizes the pressures facing Pakistan’s President. Musharraf’s western allies accuse him of not doing enough in the “war on terror” while at home he is under attack by religious militants and a growing pro- democracy movement. The latter scored a major victory […]

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Pakistan tests nuclear-capable cruise missile

Pakistan test fired its weapon in an undisclosed location. A military statement said it would “consolidate Pakistan’s strategic capability and strengthen national security.” The new range is enough to reach India’s capital New Delhi. Under a deal Pakistan negotiated with India in 1999, each country must warn the other of ballistic tests, but not cruise […]

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BuzzFlash is an enormously popular US based web site that describes its offerings as “headlines, news, and commentary for a geographically-diverse, politically-savvy, pro-democracy, anti-hypocrisy web community, reaching five million people a month and growing.” Visit the BuzzFlash web site to read their interview with The Real News CEO Paul Jay. Or… read the entire BuzzFlash […]

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POV Magazine Cover Story

Or… read the entire POV interview below. POINT OF VIEW 67 | FALL 2007   Curiosity, driving trucks, and a dash of Roland Barthes:   Lessons in the games of truth and dynamic television   A POV Interview with Paul Jay   Tucked away in an old-fashioned five-storey brick building near Toronto’s iconic Honest Ed’s […]