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Two months have passed since Israel’s last assault on the Gaza strip. Unlike previous attacks, such as Operation Cast Lead in 2008/9, this attack follows Israel’s massive social justice movement, and was therefore examined like much of the government’s actions under the economic lens, says journalist Dimi Reider of 972 Magazine. In this piece, The Real News’ Lia Tarachansky looks at the economic cost Israel paid for launching the war by speaking to The Marker’s Motti Basuk, economist Shir Hever, and the president of the Chamber of Commerce for Israel’s southern region, the area most affected by rockets from Gaza. While the Gaza Strip’s economy is less than 1 percent of Israel’s, the price it had to pay was more than 60 percent higher than Israel. This, following six years of siege, imposed by Israel. Meanwhile, weapons manufacturers, especially those who starred in this conflict such as the Iron Dome Missile Defense System, received a wider market thanks to the attack.

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