Russell Shoatz

Russell Shoatz is well-versed in social justice issues and acquired too many awards and degrees to name here. His father, a Black Panther, has been inprisoned since 1971. Russell has fought to raise awareness around his father’s case both nationally and internationally. He is the national spokesperson of SHOFAM (Shoats Family), the legal defense fund for his father. Russell works with youth in Philadelphia, raising funds and awareness for national tours and finals for The Gold Coast Buccaneers Drill Team/Leadership Development Programs). Russell has a lifetime of education and humanitarian work starting with Little Maroons, a school founded by Russell and fellow parents. Russell serves as chairperson for the SHOFAM annual fundraiser, supporter of political prisoners and a host of NGOs in youth work, and event planner. He also works with the Human Rights Coalition, Axis of Justice, Black August, Heads 4 dreads clothing line and GRIOT, his consulting firm that makes use of political prisoners incarcerated genius. Russell worked for Jerry Lewis at Sunshine Foundation and Moss Rehab mentoring disabled children and adults. He is also responsible for revolutionizing media strategies/urban marketing by creating three platforms in one. Russell is the founder of quote (the most informative reading since the Panther Paper). The ground shaking multimedia juggernaut Blu magazine. Russell is a visionary, carpenter, father, artist, four-star chef and the list goes on.